Hale Antico Voted CDCBAA President for Third Term

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Hale Antico Voted CDCBAA President for Third Term

Attorney Hale Andrew Antico was voted President of cdcbaa for a third term, serving in 2024.  Mr. Antico, a President-Elect who is also Immediate Past President of the prestigious bankruptcy attorney association, has proudly served on its board of directors for well over ten years.

The Vote for 2024

At the June 2023 board meeting of the cdcbaa Board of Directors, there was unanimous support for Attorney Antico by his colleagues as 2024 cdcbaa President of the bankruptcy attorneys’ organization.

cdcbaa President for 2024 Hale Andrew Antico
cdcbaa President for 2024 Hale Andrew Antico, at a recent Calvin Ashland Award Dinner

It’s an honor to be selected by his colleagues — some of the top bankruptcy lawyers in Los Angeles — to lead this respected organization again.

The other 2024 officers were voted upon at the July board meeting, and were also approved unanimously.  At cdcbaa‘s October general meeting, the respect organization’s members approved Mr. Antico and his choice for board of directors overwhelmingly.  Together, they will serve starting the next calendar year.


Past Terms

2020: Hale Antico was first elected as cdcbaa President for the 2020 term. Shortly after taking office, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, changing how life was managed for everyone. For the bankruptcy lawyers’ group, it impacted not only how law was practiced, but how our continuing legal education (CLE) programs — key benefits included with membership in the group — were conducted.

Previously, the cdcbaa programs were presented in person at a local law school. Suddenly, the group pivoted to providing them exclusively by Zoom, without missing a program. The monthly webinars became not only legal education during the lockdowns, but a valuable opportunity to connect with other lawyers while much of the world was still in isolation, with Mr. Antico as the sole cdcbaa moderator each month.

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2021: After a busy year in 2020 of presenting programs and triaging with the bankruptcy judges and trustees and sharing the information with the bankruptcy attorney community, Hale Antico was unanimously elected by his peers for a second term to serve as 2021 cdcbaa President. He continued leading the organization with the support of the board of directors. Together, the organization adapted and thrived as the pandemic continued.

Third Term

man at podium
Attorney Hale Antico will give brief remarks accepting the vote from his peers as cdcbaa President for a third term

As there is a recent tradition of cdcbaa Presidents serving 2 one-year terms, Mr. Antico didn’t pursue re-election for 2022. Another past President who is highly regarded returned to serve as Co-President in the interim.

In 2024, Attorney Antico will return as President of cdcbaa to serve in the role unaccompanied for a third term.  It’s a distinction which is an honor, and is very humbling to have the opportunity to serve the highly respected organization in this capacity again.

In addition to his role as cdcbaa President, Mr. Antico will continue to serve as regular moderator of the webinar programs to cdcbaa members, while continuing to chair the cdcbaa Chapter 13 committee, which liaisons with judges and trustees on this specialized area of bankruptcy law.


The CDCBAA is the largest (and some would say the best) regional association of consumer bankruptcy attorneys dedicated to debtors in the United States. It was formed in 2004 in Los Angeles as a study group, and has grown to be one of the preeminent consumer debtor bankruptcy attorneys’ organization in the Central District of California.

Calvin Ashland Awards Dinner

Each year, the cdcbaa honors either a Judge, a Trustee, or Attorney with an award named after Calvin Ashland, a local judge in the Central District of California. Judge Ashland was known for his  fairness, compassion, and even-handed rulings and temperament.

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The award is given each year to honor a respected professional who has demonstrated the same qualities as Judge Ashland.  This year, the honor will be awarded to Chapter 7 Trustee David Goodrich at a gala dinner next month.