San Fernando Valley Bankruptcy

Finding the right bankruptcy attorney in San Fernando Valley

You want to find San Fernando Valley bankruptcy attorneys. There are many, but how to pick the right one. Here’s a handy guide how to weed through all the bankruptcy attorneys in San Fernando Valley to find the one right for you.

There is a local bankruptcy lawyer who will attend Woodland Hills bankruptcy court with you, not send a stranger.  One attorney who values customer service over convenience or pursuing the next client. More about that in a moment.

Bankruptcy in the San Fernando Valley is more common than you might think. In 2019, there were 3,229 personal bankruptcy cases filed in the San Fernando Valley. That’s over a thousand more consumer bankruptcy cases than were filed in the nearby Northern Division.

If you’re looking for the best bankruptcy attorney in the San Fernando Valley, there are a couple of hints you can try.  There probably is no “best bankruptcy attorney” but there is a best bankruptcy lawyer for you.

san fernando valley bankruptcy

How to search for best bankruptcy attorney for San Fernando Valley

Firstly, type in “San Fernando Valley bankruptcy attorney” in a search engine and look at the results. look how the lawyer website explains things to you. Find its Chapter 13 bankruptcy link. Does it use cold sterile language about “reorganization” and “wage earners” without explaining what any of that means?

Or does your potential bankruptcy lawyer explain to you a Chapter 13 is for people who can afford to pay some of their debt back, is like a debt consolidation without the problems, stops credit card interest, and protects you from lawsuits? You want a bankruptcy lawyer who can communicate to you in plain English, not in jargon that doesn’t explain anything.

Secondly, when searching for a “san fernando valley bankruptcy attorney” does the lawyer website talk about meeting a paralegal? You want to pay bankruptcy attorney rates for a bankruptcy lawyer, not a paralegal.

Ask if the same person you speak with for the consultation will be the same person at your 341a Meeting of Creditors. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event, you want to pay an honest rate for honest representation by your lawyer, not someone else, and certainly not a paralegal.

Don’t get milled

Thirdly, in the San Fernando Valley bankruptcy lawyer search result, do they have multiple offices and a toll-free number? This is a good sign it’s a high-volume mill. That’s lawyer slang way of saying high-volume bankruptcy lawyer factory. If you’re going to call the toll-free number for a consultation, ask the person you’re talking to if they’re an attorney. Assuming yes, ask if they — that same person — will be at your Meeting of Creditors, or they’ll send someone else on the conveyor belt.

Then, question how many office locations the firm has. Is it just one? Or is it an empire of branch offices, each with a staff of myriad people, none of which is your actual attorney, who again, won’t be there when you testify?

Fourthly, for your consultation, do they spend 10 minutes with you then pressure you to commit to your first monthly payment? Or an hour getting to understand your income history over the last 6 months, your household details, and your budget?

Finally, some results will feature a low price in the ad. That’s a giveaway that you’re dealing with a bankruptcy mill. Why deal with a lawyer factory that assumes every case is an easy Chapter 7 bankruptcy, quotes you a ridiculous price on the phone, then start jacking the price up after you’re reeled in.

You have a choice other than a high-volume outfits that don’t get to know their clients, the cases, and may give poor service. Smaller firms can provide more individual attention and service. Some bankruptcy attorneys churn-and-burn, quoting one price for anyone in the San Fernando Valley, as long as they have a pulse. Worse, some may intend to mislead you, get you in the door and then bait-and-switch you. Get to know your bankruptcy lawyer, but insist they also get to know you before giving a price.

Finally, does the lawyer website describe other areas of law, or only bankruptcy? You want a Valley bankruptcy attorney who dedicates over 90% of their practice to the complex nuances of bankruptcy law. If they do divorces,car accidents, dog bites and other civil litigation, they’re likely a jack-of-all-trades, master of none. Insist that your bankruptcy lawyer is really a bankruptcy lawyer.

If two or more of these factors are present, there’s a very good chance that this San Fernando Valley bankruptcy firm is a high-volume attorney factory where you won’t get personalized service.  Insist on getting customer service where you deal with the same person through the whole process. This is key to finding the best bankruptcy attorney in San Fernando Valley.

San Fernando Valley bankruptcy

Why Go with this San Fernando Bankruptcy Attorney

You’ll want a San Fernando Valley bankruptcy attorney who has helped thousands of people just like you. People who were financially struggling to now get a fresh start. You don’t need to continue losing sleep over debt. Go with someone who understands. The harassing creditor phone calls and threatening letters from collection agencies can make your life miserable. Same thing for wage garnishment, foreclosure and car repossession. We are caring, experienced, affordable. You deserve a new beginning.

Customer service

So far, this is a lot of information to digest. However, I didn’t farm out my lawyer website to the IT company to put out generic claptrap. I wrote this all myself to help my neighbors. When looking for the best bankruptcy attorney, check out our client testimonials. Check our credentials. People really do appreciate our expertise and customer service. Put that to work for you!

San Fernando Valley Bankruptcy Experience

San Fernando Valley bankruptcy attorney Hale Antico lived in the Valley and went to school here. I went to college at CSUN, driving through Granada Hills and getting my degree in Northridge. I lived in the Valley during law school. The Northridge earthquake jolted me and knocked down cinder blocks in the wall at the San Fernando Valley house I lived in. Then, as a bankruptcy lawyer, I have helped hundreds if not thousands of Valley residents file bankruptcy to start over. The 405 freeway and the 101 are always horrible and congested (I don’t always take the freeway; sometimes I’ll use Burbank or De Soto). Still, I choose to personally attend the San Fernando Valley bankruptcy court hearings.

Expect Your Bankruptcy Lawyer to Be in Court With You

In a San Fernando Valley bankruptcy, you will need to attend at least one hearing at the bankruptcy court.  A bankruptcy attorney in San Fernando Valley should know how to get around the Woodland Hills bankruptcy court. And this San Fernando Valley bankruptcy lawyer has been to the 341a meeting of creditors in Woodland Hills hundreds of times. I’ve also been on the third floor where the bankruptcy court is many, many times to personally argue my clients’ cases.

Sure, it would be easier to pick up the phone and ask another bankruptcy attorney to attend. But I’d rather help my existing clients than let them sweat it out under oath while I’m chasing the next one. Besides, being at the San Fernando Valley bankruptcy hearings gives me the opportunity to watch and listen to the bankruptcy trustee and/or bankruptcy judge. Observing and learning makes for a better bankruptcy attorney in San Fernando Valley.

You’re ready to interview your bankruptcy attorney.

So now you know how to find the best San Fernando Valley bankruptcy attorney.

Firstly, ask questions.

Don’t take a one-price-fits-all.

Do they just have one office.

Will they be at the 341a hearing with you.

Don’t be rushed in 10 minutes.

Or pressured to start paying today.

Then, make sure they practice only bankruptcy.

And you’re dealing with a lawyer.

You get what you pay for.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime choice.

You can’t get it wrong.

I hope I get the chance to meet with you.

Contact me now.

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