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Family giving and transferring to one another, which may be an bankruptcy insider transfer

Bankruptcy Insider for Preferences: Key Things to Know

Bankruptcy Insider for Preferences: Key Things to Know

What is an insider in bankruptcy, and why should I care? What is a statutory insider, and is there such a thing as a non-statutory insider? The issue with insiders is fraudulent transfers, which would give a Chapter 7 trustee the right to go claw back money used to repay the debt of an insider just prior to filing.

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fraudulent transfer California

Fraudulent Transfer California: Top Keys

Fraudulent Transfer in California: Top Keys

Fraudulent transfers. Voidable or fraudulent conveyances. They go with these 17 words: “Have you sold, transferred, or given away anything worth more than $3,000 in the last four years?” It’s a 341(a) question bankruptcy attorneys can recite in their sleep, and one that can cause our debtor clients to have nightmares. The reason is the trap known as fraudulent transfers, voidable transfers, fraudulent conveyances, and the like.

Fraudulent transfer in California comes up typically here in Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Also known as a fraudulent conveyance, it can get your friends and family in hot water. It’s one of the top tips recommended to do or avoid before filing bankruptcy. Fraudulent transfer grief can even include the recipient being taken to court in a lawsuit, and forced to give up something they own. It’s terrifying and a nightmare. Worst of all, it can all happen with the purest of intentions.

That’s right: fraudulent conveyance doesn’t even require fraud.  More on that in a bit.

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