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Sometimes, bad things happen to good people. Feel no guilt or shame. Life happens. Los Angeles Bankruptcy can help.

In 2022, record inflation and possible recession is squeezing everyone, and interest rates are climbing. And before that, you didn’t plan the COVID pandemic, or the Delta and Omicron variants, and all the chaos and damage they did. No one did. And you certainly didn’t expect that your income would go down, your debt would go up, and next thing you know, you’re considering a Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyer.

But you can plan your next step.

I’m a Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney, and I wrote all the bankruptcy information here. Read how bankruptcy can stop the debt collector calls, creditor harassment, lawsuits, protect your paycheck, and put the credit card debt behind you, and even get credit after bankruptcy. Get peace of mind. Then contact me for a no-pressure consultation.

I promise that, after meeting and going over your options, you’ll have relief, answers, you’ll feel a sense of direction, and have a plan on how to best move forward. Because that’s one thing you can control.

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Experience: Skilled Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney with two decades of experience. I’ve successfully helped thousands of people just like you get a new beginning.

Leadership: I’ve been voted President of two different bankruptcy attorney associations, including the largest one for consumer debtors, by some of the best bankruptcy lawyers in Los Angeles.  Also, I’ve been active on and chair a Chapter 13 committee working on its forms and rules which worked with judges and trustees. Finally, I have hosted, moderated, or presented on dozens of panels with judges, Chapter 7 and 13 trustees, and other top Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyers.

Personalized service: Big enough to get the job done right, but small enough to provide customer service and compassion. No hiding behind paralegals: I personally handle all aspects of every case. Voted #1 best bankruptcy attorney multiple times, I pride myself on treating every person as if you’re my only client.

Affordable: We have a flexible payment plan which has allowed me to help many people just like you for twenty years.

High inflation and rising interest rates aren't your fault.

No matter where you are in Los Angeles , we can arrange an informative case evaluation. We started off doing house calls, driving all over Los Angeles and Orange County to meet people at Starbucks for a chat over a cup of coffee.  20 years later, with the convenience of Zoom, wherever you are in L.A., this Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney will be happy to go over your options and explain the process in simple terms, no jargon.

Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyers ready to help you with bankruptcy information, options, and advice. Contact us because you deserve to wipe the slate clean with one of the best bankruptcy attorneys in Los Angeles.  Let’s meet on Zoom over a cup of coffee.

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    Bankruptcy Information

    Bankruptcy info written in plain English, and some bankruptcy FAQs, and a launching point for pretty much everything you want to know, or should.

    Credit After Bankruptcy

    It is possible to get credit after bankruptcy. Read how, and check out the study that says some people improve their credit after bankruptcy.

    Should I File Bankruptcy?

    Avoid bankruptcy. That's what we're taught, and for good reason. Here is where we try to help with general information about if you should file bankruptcy.


    A Satisfied Client

    ``I hope you find the plant and Starbucks card as a small token of my appreciation. I want to thank you and your staff for all your hard work and not giving up on me. You kept me informed every step of the way. You held my hand through a very difficult time in my life and I am truly grateful. Your video posted on your website and youtube is a portrayal of what your service is all about. I know that was my experience top to bottom. There is no way I could have done this without your service, all the legal terms all the forms etc... You're right: you made it easy for me to understand a very foreign language... Your staff, in particular Wendy... I love her. When I talked to her it was like talking to you. You two have great chemistry and respect for each other; it shows through your work. And I always felt your office put the client first. I always felt 1st and important to you although I was the one filing bankruptcy. Also I want to make mentioned that you gave me a one-time fee and at no time did it change; there were no hidden fees. No surprise charges.. I just want to thank all of you at the SCV for all you have done to help me with my new start in life.. Thanks again.

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    best los angeles bankruptcy attorney. affordable.


    About the Los Angeles Bankruptcy Lawyer

    Working With an Excellent Attorney and Staff

    1. Get Legal Answers

    Once retained, get answers direct from our experienced lawyers.

    2. Document Preparation

    Be confident your bankruptcy papers are prepared the right way with a professional attorney.

    3. Discounted Rates

    If we accept your case, we have a flexible payment plan, and a way to save $250.

    Get a Consultation

    Go with one of the best bankruptcy attorneys in Los Angeles at Los Angeles Bankruptcy who has the compassion and bankruptcy lawyer expertise to complete your petition right and prepare you for your Los Angeles bankruptcy court hearing.

    We also can boast of a 99% success rate in Chapter 7 bankruptcy and a completion rate that’s 20 times the Chapter 13 bankruptcy success rate for our district.

    But more importantly, trust a Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyer who gets to know you and your personal situation so that we can help the trustee and judge understand your financial circumstances so you can move forward with a new beginning.

    Knowledgeable, affordable, caring.. with a flexible payment plan. One of the best Los Angeles bankruptcy attorneys, someone who has helped thousands of people get a fresh start. Let us help you, and make your phone your friend again.

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      Thank you again for all that you’ve done for me. I understand it’s your job so to speak, but your compassion is part of who you are not what you do and I think it’s a rather lovely quality of yours. You’ve always been so gracious when I’ve sent you my raving emails with my fears, questions, guilt, etc. I know I’m just a client among many I’m sure, but it did mean a lot to me when you personally came to my court date in person, especially having to travel as far as you did for just little ol’ me. My life has always been very good, and for that I’m truly blessed by thanks to you things got a bit better.

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