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A Los Angeles bankruptcy law firm that has the experience and care to help you through a difficult time. We explain things to help you understand, not talk over you or down to you. Success, affordable, experience, value. Read why we’re one of the best Los Angeles bankruptcy law firms.

Each case is unique and each client receives our full attention to conduct a thorough investigation, and preserve all procedural and evidentiary rights.

Among the cases reported in the media which the firm has handled, Mr Antico represented a client in Federal Court in 2016 in one of the area’s largest newspaper battles.  After two years of bitter litigation, the matter concluded with Mr. Antico facilitating the two warring media parties to come together and form a joint venture which is now peaceful, and mutually profitable.

A Los Angeles Bankruptcy Law Firm with Experience

We’ve successfully helped thousands of people get a bankruptcy discharge, that is, get rid of their debts. We have a success rate of Chapter 13 cases twenty times the local average. We’ve been voted best bankruptcy attorney awards four times, and and are honored to have many happy clients who’ve left glowing reviews. Why? We talk with you, not at you, in simple terms you can understand.

That’s why we wrote this website, to help educate the public about the mysterious world of bankruptcy. To calm fears, and soothe doubts. And to help you start over.

At our Los Angeles Bankruptcy law firm, we’re skilled and knowledgeable in aspects of consumer finance law, negotiations, and of course, bankruptcy.

So look around a while, explore, and once you’re comfortable, drop us a line and let’s find out how we can help you get a fresh start.

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chapter 13 bankruptcy

Chapter 13 | Our Practices

Chapter 13 – Our Practices Chapter 13 is like debt consolidation, but better. It’s a way to repay your debt without ...

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``I save pitbulls and parolees, and when I needed it, Attorney Antico saved me.``

Tia Torres, Reality TV Star
Tia Torres, Reality TV Star