Payment Plan

We have a affordable, flexible payment plan. Your payments for our Los Angeles bankruptcy firm‘s attorney fee can be broken into a no-pressure payment plan. Payments can be divided up for your convenience, at your own pace, and when complete, we file. Payments can be Money Order, Cashier’s Check, and of course, cash. Here’s how it works:

The First Payment

With the first payment we receive, we will start working on your bankruptcy case, gathering information, crafting your bankruptcy petition and schedules. If you have questions, we’re available to talk with you about your issues and concerns.

Other Payments

The timing and amount of the other payments are entirely up to you. You control when you make them, and how much they are. You are in charge. We figure that you know best how much money to apply to your groceries and food or rent, and how much to dedicate towards moving your bankruptcy case closer to Filing Day.

The Last Payment

When your final payment is received, the magical Filing Day can come. We will then go over your bankruptcy schedules with you, explaining everything in detail. Then we sign and shortly thereafter, we will file your petition with the bankruptcy court.

We can work things out where you’re paying the total fee into 3 or 6 payments, or in some cases, even more. Of course, your bankruptcy lawyer has to be paid before Filing Day. Otherwise, we will be just like all the other creditors, and of course we don’t want to treat him that way!

Contact us and we can work out a free, no-interest, flexible no-hassle payment plan for you.


Note: this is not to be confused with the Chapter 13 Payment Plan.