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Antelope Valley bankruptcy attorney Hale Antico is local, experienced, and trusted. Why go down below? There’s no reason to get on the 14 and drive all over to try to find a very good bankruptcy attorney in the Antelope Valley. And make sure you read my 12 crucial tips before filing bankruptcy.

How would you go about trying to find someone in the AV?

Ideally, you’d interview them all personally, then try to make a decision who is “best.” That means filling out a bunch of long 30-page bankruptcy questionnaires. Then calling and setting up a bunch of appointments. Finally, you’ll need to sit down with them all and interview them, trying to get a feel for which AV bankruptcy lawyer is the “best” to you. But this will take hours. Maybe even dozens of hours.

Google can be your friend

Instead of interviewing all these bankruptcy lawyers, why not just do a little bit of research using our old friend Google. Go to Google and put in “best bankruptcy attorney in antelope valley” and check out the results. You’ll find reviews — and the experiences — from other people. See which Palmdale bankruptcy attorneys with 5 or more reviews stand out.

Is the attorney website personable and helpful, or just an ad?

Then visit some lawyer websites (like this one!). The attorney websites tell you a lot about the approach of the lawyer.  Firstly, is the website informative, or does it just tell you basics about their business. Is it written dryly and boring, or is it engaging and personable.

These distinctions are important when looking for bankruptcy lawyer. Do you want someone stuffy who talks down to you, or someone who is caring and empathetic. Maybe the lawyer website can help you tell how they share bankruptcy information, or if they’re personable… or not.

Are they just a part-time bankruptcy attorney in Antelope Valley?

Open for Business

Secondly, look some more at the lawyer website. Are they open every day, or just every now and then. You want someone who has a full-time presence in the Antelope Valley. A bankruptcy attorney in the Antelope Valley who is dedicated to the community, to their office, and to you.

If you need to drop off documents, is their office closed more days than it’s open? I’m in court a lot because I go to personally be there for our clients. Sometimes I’m not in the office. But we’re open every day, and there’s a warm friendly helpful person there every day. Usually it’s me.

Avoid Satellites

Finally, to find the best bankruptcy attorney, maybe the attorney website reveals the Antelope Valley bankruptcy office is not the main office, but just a branch. You are searching for bankruptcy attorneys in the AV, but what you maybe find is a bankruptcy lawyer who is from down below.

Someone from down below who comes up to the Antelope Valley a couple days a week isn’t really a AV bankruptcy attorney. They’re an LA lawyer posing as an AV bankruptcy lawyer. We have only one office, and it’s in Palmdale, CA. Why? Because I’m a Antelope Valley bankruptcy attorney.

We have an AV bankruptcy office serving all the high desert communities. We’ve even had clients from Edwards AFB drive down. We’re no strangers to the AV. I see the poppies every year, and have successfully filed thousands of Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases.

And I have a 661 phone number, and have been using it daily for two decades now in Palmdale. It’s 661-267-6200.  Go ahead. Test it. Call me now.  It’ll ring right to my office off the 14.  I’m local.

antelope valley bankruptcy in the desert

An Antelope Valley bankruptcy attorney for years

Our bankruptcy attorney office has been in the AV from back before the real estate bubble burst. Our first office was over by the car dealerships, before the new hospital was built. Since then, we’ve moved to be more conveniently located, right off the Antelope Valley freeway. In fact, we’re right off the 14, near 5 Street West, way before you get to the hospital, before there even was a hospital.

We were able to help many people in the AV when the bubble did burst. Homes were underwater, had no equity, and people were wondering if they should keep paying their mortgages. We were happy that we got to remove many second mortgages with a “lien strip” Chapter 13 bankruptcy. In fact, our Chapter 13 success rate is 20 times the average for our district.

Fortunately, much of Antelope Valley’s home values have recovered now. We’re still here, though. People don’t need help to stop foreclosure in the AV so much now (surprisingly, the coronavirus pandemic actually increased property values in Acton and elsewhere). Lately, it’s more helping people who’ve lost a job, are being sued, or just can’t afford to drive down below anymore on the 14 because of time not spent with family.

Expect experience, and also bedside manner

You’re probably going to file bankruptcy once in your life. It’s a big deal. Think of it like a surgery. You’d want a doctor who has done this thousands of times, but also is caring and understands what you’re going through.

Expect the same from your Antelope Valley bankruptcy lawyer. Not only that your future bankruptcy attorney has over 5 reviews, most of them very good. More than that their attorney office is open every day.  Not merely that their website feels conversational, like the AV bankruptcy attorney is talking to you, not at you. You always should expect that your future lawyer files bankruptcy cases. And also that the bankruptcy lawyer is compassionate and can help you through a difficult time making you feel cared for, not judged.

antelope valley bankruptcy poppies

An Antelope Valley Bankruptcy Attorney with you in Court

What helps someone feel cared for is when their attorney is at bankruptcy court for them, with them. Every debtor to file bankruptcy has to attend a 341(a) Meeting of Creditors. This is where creditors can show up and question you under oath. A bankruptcy trustee will certainly ask questions, looking for assets of you and your spouse that they can take and sell to give to your credit card debts.

A bankruptcy lawyer has to have someone be there, but it doesn’t have to be your AV bankruptcy attorney. It can be any lawyer. They may not even know anything about you. They may not know anything about bankruptcy. They might not even be an Antelope Valley bankruptcy attorney. it can be a personal injury lawyer from Burbank.

You’ll feel more comforted if your bankruptcy attorney is there with you. And this Antelope Valley bankruptcy lawyer usually is there personally. Yes, I make the drive when others won’t. For no other reason other than if I were in your shoes, the day I’m testifying in bankruptcy court, I want my Antelope Valley bankruptcy attorney there with me.

Where is the AV Bankruptcy Court?

In the Antelope Valley, if you file bankruptcy, you will need to attend the bankruptcy court that is located in downtown Los Angeles, not the Lancaster CA courthouse. It used to be at the San Fernando Valley bankruptcy court, but that was way back in 2009.  Since then, anyone to file bankruptcy goes to Los Angeles.

Do other bankruptcy lawyers go to downtown L.A.?

Most other Antelope Valley bankruptcy lawyers don’t go to L.A. You know how I know? Because I’m there, and I don’t see them. Why don’t the other AV bankruptcy lawyers leave the comfort of the 661 area code? You don’t need me to tell you.

Do you know how long it takes to get from the AV to downtown Los Angeles in rush hour? You probably do, most AV residents drive down below for work. But it’s easily a 90-minute drive to Los Angeles from the AV without traffic.  (much longer if you’re coming from Littlerock or Pearblossom). But bankruptcy hearings aren’t at 11 a.m. They’re at 8 or 9 in the morning.

There for you

Guess what time you have to leave Quartz Hill or Palmdale to arrive in Los Angeles at 8am.  Add some morning rush-hour traffic and it can easily become three hours, sometimes more. Not counting the trip home. You don’t need me to tell you that even a Antelope Valley bankruptcy attorney has to set their alarm for 4:30 am if they’ll attend with you.

The majority of Antelope Valley bankruptcy attorneys don’t make the drive from the Antelope Valley to downtown Los Angeles. Because that’s easily five hours out of their day, and they’d rather stay back in their comfy office while you sweat it out so they can get work done. They hire a stranger to be with you, someone you’ve likely never met before.

Think about it.

After the stress of traffic, finding a parking space, it’s time to find the room. Then, full of anxiety, it’s time to testify, under oath, in a room with a sign on the wall saying the FBI investigates bankruptcy crime. You’re freaking out. Do you want to meet a stranger for the first time who doesn’t know you, you’re not comfortable with, doesn’t know your personality or story? Of course not.

We’re full-service so you don’t testify with a stranger

This is one Antelope Valley bankruptcy attorney who knows their way around the bankruptcy court, and the bankruptcy courtroom to enforce your bankruptcy protection. Why? Because you’re not alone. We usually personally attend.

That’s why we do what the other Antelope Valley bankruptcy attorneys won’t do. I typically make the drive to downtown Los Angeles to be with my clients.

The same familiar Antelope Valley bankruptcy lawyer you consulted with, signed with, is there for you when you’re sweating bullets downtown. Yes, I also lose about half a day of work, but I just feel it’s a higher priority to take care of an existing client on their big day instead of chasing new ones.  Google “bankruptcy lawyer in Palmdale”  and ask the other bankruptcy lawyers that.

Let this Antelope Valley bankruptcy lawyer be there for you

So, if you’re in financial trouble and thinking about credit card debt consolidation or bankruptcy, you really need to contact an Antelope Valley bankruptcy attorney right away.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime event.

You don’t want to get it wrong.

Just contact us, let’s meet, talk, go over options.

No pressure.

But you get what you pay for.

Don’t let a lawyer pretend to give you a 10-minute consultation on the phone. That’s not a consultation, that’s an introduction.

You want someone experienced, qualified, established.

Not someone with one advertised price for all comers to bait-and-switch you.

On top of that, we’re affordable. You don’t want a cut-rate paralegal.

You can afford an award-winning lawyer.

I’m the right person for the job.

Contact us now.

I’d be humbled by your trust and the opportunity to help you.

Reach out to us.

    Antelope Valley Bankruptcy | Affordable Award-Winning Quality in Palmdale

    You want the best Antelope Valley bankruptcy attorney. But you don’t have a lot of money.  Of the Antelope Valley bankruptcy attorneys, you can have both affordable and quality. Our only office is right here on Palmdale Blvd.

    Award-winning Hale Andrew Antico is the best choice. Here’s why we’re the primary option for getting a fresh start with a bankruptcy in the Antelope Valley.

    Antelope Valley bankruptcy lawyer to protect you from creditors

    Stop lawsuits

    When you file bankruptcy with an experienced Antelope Valley bankruptcy attorney, you can no longer be sued for old debts. Lawsuits stop immediately.

    Stop wage garnishment

    If you’ve already been sued for a credit card debt, the judgment can turn into a wage garnishment. They’re allowed to take 25% of your net pay for your debt. File bankruptcy and protect your paycheck.

    Stop Foreclosure

    Late on house payments? If you file bankruptcy, you can stop the foreclosure sale, save your home, and force the lender to accept the repayment over years.

    Stop creditor harassment

    Collection calls can ruin a perfectly good day. They go out of their way to make you feel miserable. If you file bankruptcy, the creditor calls stop, and you get peace. Finally.

    Stop car repossession

    You fell late on car payments. Now, they’re threatening to repo your car.  While you don’t get a free car in bankruptcy, filing bankruptcy stops the repo so you can catch up quickly.

    Start rebuilding your credit, and your life.

    There is credit after bankruptcy. Sure, a bankruptcy is bad on your Experian. But, when you file bankruptcy, you get a chance to start new. A chance to show that you can repay on time. This helps your score go up so you can rebuild after bankruptcy discharge.

    Phone now for the first step on your fresh start.

    Award-Winning Quality

    Why risk a cut-rate coupon counsel when you can afford an Antelope Valley bankruptcy lawyer who has been voted best bankruptcy attorney multiple times. This is because we're active in the bankruptcy law community, leading organizations of attorneys. We don't just attend bankruptcy classes, but present them to other bankruptcy attorneys


    We have an affordable payment plan. You decide how much to pay each month, and how often to pay. We do it this way because you know what you need your money for. Why let other firms auto-deduct money from you? With us, you're in control.

    Personalized Attention

    Trust your once-in-a-lifetime Woodland Hills bankruptcy to an attorney who treats you like you're my only client. You don't need to be treated like a number and get lost in massive volume where they do tons of cases for 47 cents. I personally handle all aspects of all my cases. Lawyers are known to be impersonal. With us, find out what customer service feels like.

    Antelope Valley bankruptcy lawyer Hale Andrew Antico


    Debts discharged


    Satisfied clients


    Years of bankruptcy experience


    Best bankruptcy attorney awards

    How can I ever thank this Law Firm for helping get out of the worse part of our life's. I owe this man so much. I highly recommend this law firm if you need help this is the place to go. Thank you Mr. Antico for your honesty you are amazing.


    Contact Us

    When you contact us, we’ll arrange a consultation and go over your options. After that, you think it over with no pressure. Finally, if and when you decide this is the best option, I’ll begin work on your bankruptcy petition. I’ll personally review the completed schedules with you, and file them with the court. And yes, I’ll personally be at your 341(a) Meeting of Creditors with you, and answer all your questions.

      Different Types of Bankruptcies

      There are two primary types of consumer bankruptcies. First, there’s chapter 7 bankruptcy. Also, there’s chapter 13. They have different pros and cons, and you’re going to want to talk to an experienced Antelope Valley bankruptcy attorney before deciding which is right for you.

      Chapters of Consumer Bankruptcy

      Often known as liquidation bankruptcy, a Chapter 7 is the type of bankruptcy where a bankruptcy trustee can take your assets to repay debts. Because you don’t repay your debts, it is faster. However, they give much greater scrutiny to the money you repaid grandma last month, and all those Zelle transfers you made over the past few years. Even though you may not have intended anything bad, fraudulent transfers are problems. Typically, Chapter 7 bankruptcy does not discharge tax debt, fraud, domestic support obligations, and student loan debt.

      Chapter 13 is debt consolidation where you are protected from lawsuits. This happens while you make affordable payments to repay your debts. Also, the credit cards can’t keep charging interest. There’s a set ending point. Consequently, you can get off the hamster wheel and just be finished. Finally, this option is helpful for making repayments on late mortgage debts, catching up on income tax debt to the IRS or FTB, and has extended automatic stay protections to codebtors, such as a nonfiling spouse.

      So there are key differences between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. You may think you want the cheap fast one. A couple warnings. First, the Chapter 7 bankruptcy has greater scrutiny by the United States Trustee and bankruptcy trustee. Second, you can lose things in Chapter 7, which is why exemptions and California homestead exemption are key.

      Third, you don’t always get to choose. Chapter 7 bankruptcy eligibility is a factor. This involves the bankruptcy means test, which compares your current monthly income against the median income for your household size. Let a professional bankruptcy attorney be your guide in a no-pressure consultation.

      Reach out to Us

        Note: while the only office is in Palmdale CA in Los Angeles County, you'll never need to drive anywhere. All business is conveniently done with Zoom and email attachments. We're proud to serve all of Los Angeles County and Orange County for about 20 years now. I'll be honored to help you also.

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