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Bankruptcy Attorney for Edwards AFB

For an Edwards CA bankruptcy, you’ll have to go into town, off Edwards AFB. Because for those seeking a bankruptcy attorney in Edwards CA, there really aren’t any.  Edwards CA 93523 is a small Air Force Base town, also known as Edwards AFB. The Air Force Test Center and Test Pilot School are here, and is home to about 3,000 people who mostly live on base.

Stay Away from Kern County

There aren’t any bankruptcy attorneys in Edwards CA, in this tiny military town. Now, just because it seems convenient, you may be tempted to go into Cal City or Mojave for an Edwards CA bankruptcy.  But beware.  When you file bankruptcy, it’s assigned by county. Edwards AFB is in Los Angeles County. California City and Mojave and Rosamond are all in Kern County. The people there are used to Kern County, but your case will be in L.A.

Go south for a bankruptcy lawyer instead. I’ll tell you why.

Edwards AFB Bankruptcy challenges

Edwards AFB in Edwards CA
Edwards AFB in Edwards CA

Being from Edwards CA and filing consumer bankruptcy is tricky. Firstly, Edwards AFB it technically in Kern County. Kern County bankruptcy cases usually get filed in Bakersfield CA (which is Eastern District of California). However, when you plug the 93523 zip code into the Central District of Calif website, it returns “Los Angeles.”  That must be the only zip code not in Los Angeles County that files downtown. Antelope Valley bankruptcy attorney Hale Antico has done it, and knows the ins-and-outs.

What this means is that  Edwards CA 93523 cases go to Los Angeles, even though Edwards AFB is two hours from L.A. That’s a good two-hour drive each way, unless you’re using Runway 22 and taking an F16 or F22.

Security Clearance

Secondly, security clearances can be an issue for someone on the Edwards AFB filing a bankruptcy. The government needs to a background check. What will hurt it more: the bankruptcy or all the debt? Normally, filing personal bankruptcy hurts your credit and some job opportunities. However, more than one bankruptcy client for this bankruptcy attorney has spoken to their JAG before filing. The advice has been more than once that filing consumer bankruptcy is bad on your credit report. However, it removes the debt and the potential for being compromised as a security risk. Check with your JAG, your mileage may vary, etc.

Budget Issues of Living On-Base

Thirdly, residents of Edwards CA who live on the Edwards AFB often have their housing paid by Uncle Sam. So there’s literally no rent to pay it the budget. You’ll want an Antelope Valley bankruptcy attorney skilled at both types of bankruptcies:  Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Also, there’s the question about what to do with your Military Star card. Let’s discuss.

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The point is: for Edwards CA bankruptcy, whether you’re on the Edwards AFB, or off-base, you are best off making a short drive down the 14. Your case will need specialized experience. And qualified Antelope Valley bankruptcy lawyer Hale Antico has helped many of our fine military personnel and their families get a fresh start.