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    ``I was pleased with your service and everything that entailed, thank you very much. I would not have wanted to attempt the experience without your knowledge, advice, instruction and assistance. I appreciated all of your time and consideration in the matter and am grateful it is completed. I wish you much success with your future endeavors. Thank you once again.``


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    Set an appointment for a free Zoom consultation, or fill out the form for a no-obligation bankruptcy consultation. We’ll get in touch with you to arrange an appointment and go over your options. No pressure, just an informative chat in plain language.

    No one wants to file bankruptcy, it’s a gut-wrenching decision. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Let’s just talk about options, and see if this even can help you, or not.

    There are a lot of lawyer websites that offer a bankruptcy consultation. Some just do ten minutes on the phone and give you a ridiculously low price to reel you in. They tell you that you qualify for Chapter 7 without even asking about your income. They are high-volume mills. You deserve better than that.

    The Same Friendly Bankruptcy Attorney

    A compassionate bankruptcy attorney wrote pretty much every word on this website. Talk to that same Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyer for a bankruptcy consultation. Then, if we both agree this is the right move, let’s get started on putting the papers together.

    I’ll personally handle all parts of your case. The same bankruptcy attorney will then spend 30 minutes or so reviewing the completed papers with you as we sign them. And then the same bankruptcy lawyer attends your bankruptcy hearing with you when you’re testifying under oath. Ask the other bankruptcy attorneys if they’ll do that.

    Zoom Consultations For Your Convenience

    Anywhere in Los Angeles County? Let’s set up a Zoom consult. While in-person is preferred, for your convenience and safety, let’s meet by video. We make it easy with a Zoom consultation with a qualified, personable Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney.

    Affordable Help with a Payment Plan

    We have a flexible payment plan. Pay at once and get a discount. Do the online thing and get a discount. Or make payments over time, no interest. I don’t want your bank account information. You pay when you have it. I don’t know how it can possibly be more flexible than that!

    So contact me for a bankruptcy consultation. I look forward to hearing from you,  and am humbled by the honor of your trusting me to help you get a fresh start.

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