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When seeking a bankruptcy attorney in Lancaster CA 93534, 93535, and 93536, you don’t need to sacrifice. There are options, true, for Lancaster CA bankruptcy lawyers. But only one provides personalized service. Some large law firms have plopped a branch office in Lancaster, but you don’t want to feel like just a number. For a Lancaster CA bankruptcy, trust the award-winning service of local bankruptcy attorney Hale Antico.

The Lancaster CA Population and Economy

Yes, we’re here on the northern part of Los Angeles County, part of the Antelope Valley, and on the edge of the Mojave Desert, in an area known as the high desert. There are some Lancaster bankruptcy attorneys, but very few who have their only office in the AV.¬† Lancaster CA population is about 159,000, with most of these residents living in the 93535 and 93536 zip codes.

R. Rex Parris is a successful lawyer and businessman. He decided to give back to the community and ran for Lancaster mayor in 2008. He won, inheriting 17% unemployment in 2009 and helped the local Lancaster CA economy get humming again. Unfortunately, the coronavirus COVID-19 quarantine and business shutdown happened.

Local Bankruptcy Lawyer: Don’t Go Down Below

Lots of folks wondering if they should file bankruptcy can benefit from a consultation with a bankruptcy attorney in Lancaster CA 93535 (where the median rent locally is $1,085/month – about 55% of folks here rent, and the other 45% own).

Customer Service

Let’s face it: not everyone will need a Lancaster CA bankruptcy lawyer. But if you do, you’re going to want a local bankruptcy attorney. You’ll also someone who will go all the way down to Los Angeles for them from the Antelope Valley to file their bankruptcy case, and then again at the hearing. Believe it or not, most bankruptcy lawyers in Lancaster CA won’t be with you when you need to testify. Insist on customer service.

Doing a Google search for Lancaster CA bankruptcy attorneys will get some interesting results. Many are not bankruptcy lawyers who are actually from around here. This is their branch office, and they’re from down below, with other offices in Los Angeles. Maybe the best bankruptcy lawyer is one who doesn’t see the AV as a pin in the boardroom map, but a place he has his only place of business to help his neighbors.

Jethawks Baseball

lancaster ca
Home of the Jethawks in Lancaster CA

The Lancaster Jethawks are a great way to spend a California summer evening. Catching prizes at The Hangar from the t-shirt cannon can be a great treat. The team is a single-A minor league affiliate of the Colorado Rockies, and won their first championship in 2012. The mascot is Kaboom, (now KB). Both the team and mascot are a tip of the hat to the aerospace industry, which is a big part of the Lancaster CA economy.

Antelope Valley bankruptcy attorney Hale Antico once had a big red “Got Debt” banner on the left field fence, and is proud to support this exciting Lancaster CA baseball team.

Aerospace, the economy, and Lancaster CA bankruptcy

Aerospace drives the Lancaster CA 93536 economy. When times are good with Lockheed Martin, Boeing, BAE, and Northrup Grumman. However, when there are government cutbacks and the military budget is squeezed, contractors feel the pinch. It’s not uncommon for people living or working on Edwards AFB to need to call an experienced bankruptcy lawyer.

There are consumer bankruptcy attorneys near Lancaster CA. Antelope Valley bankruptcy lawyer Hale Antico has helped many of its residents file bankruptcy and knows the AV. Further, he knows the area to navigate the waters to a fresh start, whether it’s with a¬†Chapter 7 bankruptcy or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Until the recent coronavirus, Lancaster CA has many economic opportunities.

Unfortunately, some people in the area need the best bankruptcy attorney in Lancaster CA. Not a bankruptcy lawyer with a branch office here. But someone dedicated to the community, with his only office right off the 14, Antelope Valley freeway, day in and day out. Local Hale Antico may not be the best bankruptcy attorney in Lancaster CA, but may be the best lawyer for you.

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