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Data about bankruptcy, including amounts for exemptions, medians, filings, etc.

Figuring the Los Angeles Country median home price size is like trying to calculate the median coin weight when all we have is data about stack size

How to Figure the Los Angeles County Median Home Price (2024)

How to Figure Los Angeles County Median Home Price (2024)

The Los Angeles County median home price in 2024 can be tricky to determine. There are different sources that say different things. It’s not clear which of the many options will be relied upon by courts and trustees for the California homestead exemption.  Also, while bankruptcy may seem to be “just forms,” make sure you check out my list of 12 crucial tips to do or avoid before filing bankruptcy.

2024 update: there seems to be a consensus among local bankruptcy attorneys as to what the Los Angeles County median home price is. More than that, this L.A. median price changes each year. While it’s still untested in court, a lot of the initial uncertainty has cleared up.  Read on!

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chapter 13 debt limits

Chapter 13 Debt Limits (2024 update)

Chapter 13 Debt Limits (2024 update)

Debt Limits in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

2024 Update: Chapter 13 debt limits in 2024 are in a state of flux. They’re currently higher than normal, but are set to drop. Why? There is a new law changes which, among other things, temporarily increased the Chapter 13 debt limit to $2.75 million dollars. This limit is for both secured and unsecured debt combined. It’s about double what the debt limits had been, and is extremely helpful for Los Angeles residents who have a second property and mortgage debt that exceeds $1.5 million. The 2024 Chapter 13 debt limit increase is temporary and will sunset this year, unless extended.

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California wildcard exemption amount for bankruptcy, showing jokers, which are often wild cards

New California Wildcard Exemption: the Ultimate Guide (2024)

New California Wildcard Exemption: the Ultimate Guide (2024)

What to know about California Wild Card Exemption and the Current Amount

California wildcard exemption is big for bankruptcy lawyers protecting their clients’ assets. Here’s the ultimate guide on the new updated California wild card exemption amount, and how to figure it.

California Exemptions, generally

In bankruptcy, each state has their own exemptions, or ways they allow debtors to protect some or all of their property. California has opted out of the federal exemptions, and has it’s own passed by our legislature. This is where the California wild card exemption fits in.

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types of bankruptcies chapter 7 vs 11 vs chapter 13

3 Types of Bankruptcy (2024 update)

Types of Bankruptcies: Chapter 7 vs 11 vs 13

There’s a lot of confusion about the types of bankruptcies. Firstly, some clarification on jargon. You’ll hear a lot about bankruptcy chapters. What’s a chapter? Think of it as a bankruptcy type, or a kind, or flavor. While there at least five types of bankruptcies, most people thinking about consumer personal bankruptcy will focus on just two or three bankruptcy types, or chapters, including Chapter 7 vs 11 vs 13.

The type name “chapter” just refers to the part of the Bankruptcy Code, which is Title 11 of the United States Code. For example, much of the bankruptcy laws that cover Chapter 7 bankruptcy starts at 11 U.S.C. 701, and following. The book I have on my desk literally has a section called Chapter 7 – Liquidation.

Listing the Types of Bankruptcies

Ok, so now that we have some basics out of the way, let’s take a look at the different bankruptcy types commonly used when people file bankruptcy.

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California bankruptcy exemptions can save your house.

New! 2024 California Homestead Exemption Increased by Inflation

2024 California Homestead Exemption, increased by inflation

Brand new! The maximum 2024 California Homestead Exemption amounts

The 2024 California homestead exemption numbers are already available, and different from last year, and even the original range of $300,000 to $600,000. In fact, in 2024, they top out way higher than $600,000, which helps you save more of your home from creditors than the homestead exemption could in 2023. Why? Because of inflation. The new California homestead exemption is tied to the CPI, or consumer price index.  And everyone knows things lately aren’t cheap.

November 2023 update: The new inflation-adjusted 2024 California homestead exemption is now known. See below what it will be for cases filed after Jan 1, 2024. Don’t worry – the 2023 homestead exemption amount is still here for cases filed before on Dec 31, 2023 or earlier.

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median income limits

2024 Median Income Limits to Nail Bankruptcy Means Test in Calif

Median Income Limits to Nail the Bankruptcy Means Test: New for 2024

The government just updated the numbers for 2024 median income limits. Using median household income, it again got easier to qualify for bankruptcy Chapter 7, because of another means test adjustment.  And while bankruptcy may seem to be “just forms,” make sure you check out my list of 12 crucial tips to do or avoid before filing bankruptcy.

The means test for bankruptcy decides who qualifies for Chapter 7 bankruptcy eligibility. The first step of this process is comparing your median household income against the California median income limits set by the Department Of Justice guidelines to see if you earn less than bankruptcy median income limits.

Again, this comparison against the median income is merely the first step, and does not absolutely determine your eligibility for Chapter 7 or not.

November 2023 Update:  The numbers for the means test adjusted November 1, and will be used for the first part of 2024.

Because of the above statement, these will be the last updated 2023 median income limits.

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california median income

California Median Income Hits New High

California Median Income Reaches Historic Milestones

The California median income is a good guide to how well residents in the Golden State are doing financially. The California economy (until the pandemic) was sitting pretty, and its citizens are earning income. The numbers used to qualify for a “straight bankruptcy” have broken some very notable milestones.

Nov 2023 Update: The updated 2023 median income numbers were released, which took effect on November 1, 2023. The California median income for a one-person household is now almost $10,000 higher than when this article was written three years ago.  Read the updated median income piece.

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