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341(a) meeting of creditors, and bankruptcy articles explaining how they work, and common pitfalls, along with tips and tricks.

Remote 341(a) meeting of creditors

Remote 341(a) Meeting & Zoom: What to Expect and How to Prepare

Remote 341(a) Meeting of Creditors by Zoom: What to Expect in 2023

Zoom 341a Meetings, explained by Los Angeles Bankruptcy lawyer

Remote 341(a) Meetings of Creditors by Zoom in bankruptcy are becoming the standard, instead of in-person. Here’s what to expect. They can be terrifying, nerve-wracking, and unpredictable. But there are ways you can prepare for a Zoom 341a Meeting to help it go more smoothly.

As someone who has attended thousands of 341s in person (after coaching my clients with my list of 12 prefiling do’s and don’ts), I answer your 341(a) questions and share with you what to expect at your 341(a) meeting in a post-pandemic world where Zoom 341(a) meetings are more common, and soon becoming the standard.

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bankruptcy dos and don'ts

12 Crucial Tips Before Filing Bankruptcy

12 Crucial Tips to Do (and Avoid) Before Filing Bankruptcy

Los Angeles Bankruptcy lawyer explains what to do and don’t before seeking a fresh start

If you’re thinking about filing bankruptcy, what you do you beforehand has more of a bearing on the success of your case than how well the papers are completed. As a longtime Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney, I must make the best of the circumstances that are presented to me. Sometimes these situations are, shall we say, less than ideal.

What follows, in no particular order, are just some of the things I wish the people I meet with had done, or avoided doing, before we met for the consultation.

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chapter 7 bankruptcy los angeles

The Ultimate Guide to Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Explained

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy – The Ultimate Guide

What is Chapter 7 bankruptcy? Glad you asked. It’s for someone who can’t repay their debts, because their income is low enough that they can’t afford to. However, not everyone qualifies for this out of the different chapters of bankruptcy, and even if you did qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you could lose assets. There’s always some element of risk in a Chapter 7, which is why I put together this: the ultimate Chapter 7 bankruptcy guide.

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