Should I File Bankruptcy Quiz: Free and Fast Test by a BK Lawyer

Should I File Bankruptcy Test

As a bankruptcy attorney, “should I file bankruptcy” is a common question I get asked a lot. No test and no website can tell you whether you should file bankruptcy.  With that in mind, I created this “Should I File Bankruptcy Quiz.”

Now, it doesn’t actually tell you whether you should file bankruptcy. In my twenty years of experience, I’ve met with thousands of people. The goal of this free quiz is to take some of the common factors people bring into my office and let you know whether your situation lines up.

If so, it doesn’t mean you should file bankruptcy. Again, no website can tell you that, and you should definitely not take this is advice. However, as you’ll see in the scoring section at the end, it may tell you if you should at least meet with an experienced bankruptcy attorney.

And if you’re in the greater Los Angeles area (including SF Valley, Orange County, and Ventura County), I’d be honored if you contacted me.

The Should I File Bankruptcy Quiz

Take our unique and custom bankruptcy test to find out if you have risk factors that often coincide with a bankruptcy filing.

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