Castaic CA and Locating a Bankruptcy Lawyer

Castaic CA is an upscale community just north of Santa Clarita with about 20,000 residents in it. The town’s main claim to fame is a lake, but after the Great Recession, homeowners are no longer underwater. Castaic CA 91384 residents who filing consumer bankruptcy want a bankruptcy attorney who takes their petition to Los Angeles.

While the median annual income of Castaic CA residents is about $107,000, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is still possible. Home values are a median price of $435,000. People here want a Santa Clarita bankruptcy attorney who knows how to exempt this equity.

castaic lake in castaic ca
Castaic Lake in Castaic CA

Castaic California is mostly west of Interstate 5, going up the grade to the Grapevine. It’s had quite a past of controversy and fighting. While it’s a sleepy bedroom town today, it is the site of the biggest range war in U.S. history. Between 1890 and 1916, locals fought over ranch boundaries and grazing rights. Dozens of men were killed, with violence spreading down to Bouquet Canyon. Despite the history of much fighting, Castaic CA 91384 has very low crime today, and a very comfortable lifestyle.

Castaic Lake in Castaic CA

Also, Castaic CA 91384 has a lake. Castaic Dam formed what is actually a reservoir in the Sierra Pelona mountains. It’s open for swimming from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend. People swim in it, even though the lower lake is technically a lagoon. If people have a medical emergency from coming in contact with the water, they may consider a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy with a qualified bankruptcy attorney. There is also bass fishing in Castaic Lake, in the upper lake. A joke exists about fish caught by a dam.

Residents of this quaint town may want to find the best bankruptcy attorney. There are those in Valencia who have a branch office there. But Castaic 91384 locals may want instead to meet with a bankruptcy lawyer who has swum and fished in Castaic Lake, (though he caught nothing) who knows how to net the bankruptcy means test.

These days, the biggest controversy in Castaic CA is how to pronounce its name. Most civilized locals pronounce it with 2 syllables (like “cupcake” or “green lake”). There are ruffians, though, who insist it’s got 3, more like “mosaic.” Castaic CA residents send their high school students to Valencia or West Ranch. It’s rumored there may be a Castaic High School one day, but these reports are as reliable as sightings of Loch Ness in Castaic Lake.