Bankruptcy Attorneys in Sylmar CA

Sylmar CA 91342 is on the north end of the San Fernando Valley, home to about 100,000 residents. About 66% of residents own their home, with about 34% renting. The median home value is $360,000 and the median rent is about $1600 a month.  The median income is about $65,000 a year, which is slightly higher than the national average, but in line with other communities in the area.

People living in Sylmar CA who need a bankruptcy attorney want someone who knows the bankruptcy means test, to look into eligibility for filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This town is in Los Angeles County, but cases are filed in the San Fernando Valley bankruptcy court.

“Olive View.” “Olive View too.”

Firstly, the neighborhood of Sylmar CA 91342 is famous for its olive orchards. Its name supposedly means “sea of trees.” Olive trees were more prominent in area in the 1890s than they are today. Modernly, more famous is the Olive View UCLA Medical Center, the northernmost county-funded hospital in Los Angeles County.

Also, Sylmar CA has had its share of disaster. In 1971, it was the epicenter of a 6.5 magnitude earthquake that caused 58 deaths. There was also a methane gas explosion that year. The foothills nearby often are ablaze with brush fires, which can cause evacuations. People who suffer some unforeseen disaster like job loss, medical bills or other setback would want to maybe consult with a qualified bankruptcy lawyer.

Nethercutt Museum

car from nethercutt museum in Sylmar CA
Car from Nethercutt Museum in Sylmar CA

Further, Sylmar CA 91342 is home to one of the area’s best-kept-secrets: the Nethercutt Museum. It features one of the greatest automobile collections open as a museum. Vehicles go back as far as the 1900s, and of course include a 1930s-era Duesenberg. Upstairs is a music collection, featuring a fully-restored theatre organ that is still used at the Nethercutt for silent movies and concerts.

There are a few bankruptcy lawyers in Sylmar CA. Folks needing a bankruptcy attorney will want one that knows how to do both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and can provide bankruptcy information.