Creditor Harassment

Creditor Harassment

How to stop the harassing phone calls

Creditor harassment is usually one of the biggest factors that can push someone to finally file bankruptcy, Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. After months, maybe years, of thinking about it and thinking about it, all the calls and threatening letters finally usually push most people to get these people off their backs.

Take action and stop the call, but beware

One option you have is writing a cease desist letter to creditors. This could result in them stop contacting you.

However, the creditors can keep collecting. It may be quiet, but nothing stops creditors from filing a law suit. In a way, the new peace you get from avoiding their calls lulls you into false security which is jarred when they sue you instead.

Filing bankruptcy stops calls

The one secret weapon consumers have against creditors and their harassing phone calls is the “automatic stay.” The automatic stay is something that happens automatically the moment after filing bankruptcy. When you file, creditor harassment must stop immediately.

It may be worth using the professional services of a Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyer to help you. We’ll stop the calls when you hire us, and are making payments to us on our flexible payment plan, before we even file the bankruptcy.

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