Types of Debt

Bankruptcy can get rid of various types of debts. Each one is treated differently in bankruptcy. We see many types of debts. If you’re here researching a bankruptcy, you likely have one or more. Read on, then let us help.

credit card debt

Credit Card Debt and Bankruptcy

Credit card debt is the most common type of debt people like you have and carry. It is typically discharged in a bankruptcy, with a few exceptions.

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Creditor Harassment

Creditor harassment is usually one of the biggest factors that can push someone to finally file bankruptcy, because once filed, you're protected immediately.

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Bankruptcy House Information

Bankruptcy and your home. Houses can often be protected; other times bankruptcy can help you catch up on lates. Read more bankruptcy house info.

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Car Repossession Law

Car repossession is one of the types of debt that filing bankruptcy helps with. Not the repo itself, but the aftermath with the deficiency balance.

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student loans and bankruptcy

Student Loans & Bankruptcy: What to Know

Student loans and bankruptcy: Generally, student loans are not dischargeable under any chapter of the Bankruptcy Code. There are some ways it can help.

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eliminate tax debt

Tax debt and bankruptcy

Tax debt and bankruptcy: can taxes get discharged in bankruptcy? Sometimes, and other times, you can get a payment plan to repay them and finally be free.

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Lawsuits and Bankruptcy

Can bankruptcy stop a lawsuit? Once you've been hit with a lawsuit summons, it's time to understand the play between lawsuits, bankruptcy, and judgments.

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Business Bankruptcy

What is a business bankruptcy, and can businesses even file bankruptcy? Yes, and it's where corporations or other entities file a case and obtain a discharge.

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