Stopping Foreclosure

There are few things that cause as much anxiety as the prospect of losing your house.  You have some tough luck and miss a mortgage payment or two, or 18. The bank wants to take your house away and leave you on the street. What can you do? Is stopping foreclosure even an option? This is truly one of the scariest ordeals a family can go through.

Even if you’re way behind on mortgage payments, bankruptcy can stop foreclosure.

The Plan

stopping foreclosure stopping foreclosure with bankruptcy
Bankruptcy Can Stop Foreclosure

Firstly, a way to save your home is filing a chapter 13 bankruptcy and stopping foreclosure. You will get to continue living in your house while we work out a payment plan to catch up on your arrearages. You’ll want a skilled Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer help you. If time is tight, don’t delay. You don’t need me to tell you that to stop foreclosure means we’re on a tight deadline.

Secondly, after the Chapter 13 bankruptcy is filed to stop foreclosure, now it’s time play catch up. You get time to pay back the lates. Stopping foreclosure is nice, but the problem is still there. A gradual repayment plan saves the home. The bank has to be patient and take the payments, slowly, one by one, spread out over many months. Without a bankruptcy, they want all the money, now. A lump sum. With bankruptcy, repayment is spread out over many months.

Time is of the Essence

So yes, a bankruptcy can stop a foreclosure. In essence, you will be given a break to catch your breath. This will allow you time to start paying your arrearages (what you are behind). The bank will have to stop all attempts to take your home while you work out a plan with your lawyer.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can be a perfect solution to this problem. In addition, you can get rid of your credit card debt by paying only a portion of it back.

However, it’s usually wise to attempt to negotiate with your lender first. They are often willing to work something out. If this is not an option though, bankruptcy can often help.

Finally, walk away or catch up in arrearages payments? Whatever your goal is, we can help you start over. Contact us now!