Stevenson Ranch bankruptcy lawyer to protect you from creditors

Stop lawsuits

When you file bankruptcy with an experienced Stevenson Ranch bankruptcy attorney, you can no longer be sued for old debts. Lawsuits stop immediately.

Stop wage garnishment

If you’ve already been sued for a credit card debt, the judgment can turn into a wage garnishment. They’re allowed to take 25% of your net pay for your debt. File bankruptcy and protect your paycheck.

Stop Foreclosure

Late on house payments? If you file bankruptcy, you can stop the foreclosure sale, save your home, and force the lender to accept the repayment over years.

Stop creditor harassment

Collection calls can ruin a perfectly good day. They go out of their way to make you feel miserable. If you file bankruptcy, the creditor calls stop, and you get peace. Finally.

Stop car repossession

You fell late on car payments. Now, they’re threatening to repo your car.  While you don’t get a free car in bankruptcy, filing bankruptcy stops the repo so you can catch up quickly.

Start rebuilding your credit, and your life.

There is credit after bankruptcy. Sure, a bankruptcy is bad on your Experian. But, when you file bankruptcy, you get a chance to start new. A chance to show that you can repay on time. This helps your score go up so you can rebuild after bankruptcy discharge.

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Award-Winning Quality

Why risk a cut-rate coupon counsel when you can afford a Stevenson Ranch bankruptcy lawyer who has been voted best bankruptcy attorney multiple times. This is because we're active in the bankruptcy law community, leading organizations of attorneys. We don't just attend bankruptcy classes, but present them to other bankruptcy attorneys


We have an affordable payment plan. You decide how much to pay each month, and how often to pay. We do it this way because you know what you need your money for. Why let other firms auto-deduct money from you? With us, you're in control.

Personalized Attention

Trust your once-in-a-lifetime Acton bankruptcy to an attorney who treats you like you're my only client. You don't need to be treated like a number and get lost in massive volume where they do tons of cases for 79 cents. I personally handle all aspects of all my cases. Lawyers are known to be impersonal. With us, find out what customer service feels like.

Stevenson Ranch bankruptcy lawyer Hale Andrew Antico


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Thank you for your hand holding and advice. You are really good at what you do and I am truly grateful I had you to represent me.... I know you worked very hard and you helped make this whole process so much easier for me (and your other clients too).

`{`At the 341(a) court date,`}` you were very attentive to all of us. I could tell the difference between your clients and some of the others there. You did a great job and I am very grateful! Thank you for sticking around as long as you did today. You really took good care of me.... I knew I was in good hands with you on my side.

I will highly recommend you should I come across a friend or colleague in a similar situation as mine.


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When you contact us, we’ll arrange a consultation and go over your options. After that, you think it over with no pressure. Finally, if and when you decide this is the best option, I’ll begin work on your bankruptcy petition. I’ll personally review the completed schedules with you, and file them with the court. And yes, I’ll personally be at your 341(a) Meeting of Creditors with you, and answer all your questions.

    Different Types of Bankruptcies

    There are two primary types of consumer bankruptcies. First, there’s chapter 7 bankruptcy. Also, there’s chapter 13. They have different pros and cons, and you’re going to want to talk to an experienced Stevenson Ranch bankruptcy attorney before deciding which is right for you.

    Chapters of Consumer Bankruptcy

    Often known as liquidation bankruptcy, a Chapter 7 is the type of bankruptcy where a bankruptcy trustee can take your assets to repay debts. Because you don’t repay your debts, it is faster. However, they give much greater scrutiny to the money you repaid grandma last month, and all those Zelle transfers you made over the past few years. Even though you may not have intended anything bad, fraudulent transfers are problems. Typically, Chapter 7 bankruptcy does not discharge tax debt, fraud, domestic support obligations, and student loan debt.

    Chapter 13 is debt consolidation where you are protected from lawsuits. This happens while you make affordable payments to repay your debts. Also, the credit cards can’t keep charging interest. There’s a set ending point. Consequently, you can get off the hamster wheel and just be finished. Finally, this option is helpful for making repayments on late mortgage debts, catching up on income tax debt to the IRS or FTB, and has extended automatic stay protections to codebtors, such as a nonfiling spouse.

    So there are key differences between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. You may think you want the cheap fast one. A couple warnings. First, the Chapter 7 bankruptcy has greater scrutiny by the United States Trustee and bankruptcy trustee. Second, you can lose things in Chapter 7, which is why exemptions and California homestead exemption are key.

    Third, you don’t always get to choose. Chapter 7 bankruptcy eligibility is a factor. This involves the bankruptcy means test, which compares your current monthly income against the median income for your household size. Let a professional bankruptcy attorney be your guide in a no-pressure consultation.

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      Stevenson Ranch CA Bankruptcy Attorney

      Finding the Best Bankruptcy Attorney in Stevenson Ranch CA

      Stevenson Ranch CA bankruptcy is not a typical phrase you hear together. There aren’t really any Stevenson Ranch CA bankruptcy attorneys. Why?

      It’s an upscale bedroom community located in the Santa Clarita Valley, but is actually not part of the City of Santa Clarita. The 20,000 residents in Stevenson Ranch CA 91381 have homes with a median value of over a million dollars. The median household income level of $121,802, married (58%) with a high school education (96%) and 51% with college degrees. Almost 70% of Stevenson Ranch CA 91381 residents own their homes, and about 30% rent. Consequently, the area is mostly very nice homes, but there are some Stevenson Ranch apartments.

      stevenson ranch ca apartments
      Most in Stevenson Ranch own, but there are apartments to rent if you have $2,000 a month.

      It’s technically a suburb of Los Angeles. There really no bankruptcy attorneys in Stevenson Ranch CA 91381. There are bankruptcy attorneys with offices in Valencia, but maybe they’re not the best bankruptcy lawyer option. How can they be if they’re not true Santa Clarita bankruptcy attorneys. These are out-of-towners who just have a branch office here for a Valencia presence. They don’t know of a time when Pico Canyon and Valencia Blvd turned into a dead-end after crossing the 5 freeway. But local bankruptcy attorney Hale Antico does.

      Stevenson Ranch for Filming

      Stevenson Ranch CA Pleasantville
      Stevenson Ranch is protected by Tobey Maguire and Spiderman against rogue TV repairmen.

      Stevenson Ranch CA 91381 is also a favorite place for people to live who work in Hollywood, as well as a location for filming very popular TV shows like Weeds. Also, it was a location for the shooting of the film Pleasantville, about a small town haunted by Don Knotts years after the Andy Griffith Show turned him evil.

      No, that’s not true. Pleasantville was an old-fashioned town of nostalgic Americana, much like Stevenson Ranch. Both communities have low crime, high home values, good schools. Residents of both enjoy a certain sense of getting far far away from large city problems of Los Angeles. And this is why folks in Stevenson Ranch CA 91381 should hire someone local like Santa Clarita bankruptcy lawyer Hale Antico for a Stevenson Ranch CA bankruptcy.

      Elite Enclave

      In a 2017 report, Stevenson Ranch California placed 8th place overall out of 106 L.A. County neighborhoods in which to live. It, along with Castaic CA, was named an Elite Enclave. Its residents live to the ripe old age of 86 years, exceeding the national average of 78.74 years. Stevenson Ranch 91381 folks placed fifth overall in the county in education, and eighth overall in income.

      Due to high income, it’s therefore very unlikely that Stevenson Ranch CA residents would pass the bankruptcy means test. Consequently, if someone in Stevenson Ranch CA fell on hard times, they’d most likely file Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

      READ Chapter 13 Bankruptcy – Ultimate Guide

      This is a master-planned community approved by Los Angeles County in 1987. Maybe not coincidentally, 1987 is the same year Santa Clarita incorporated as a city.

      stevenson ranch ca california

      There was a lot of debate whether it should join the new city officially. Perhaps for tax reasons, the new housing development chose to stay independent.

      The Best Deserves the Best

      People in Stevenson Ranch take pride in being the best, living in the best community. Given its overall standing in Los Angeles County, it seems to have done all right with being its own city. And when Stevenson Ranch CA folks need financial guidance and a fresh start, they deserve the best bankruptcy attorney, someone voted the best four different times by local SCV residents: Santa Clarita bankruptcy attorney Hale Antico.