Finding a Newhall CA Bankruptcy Lawyer

There aren’t many Newhall CA bankruptcy lawyers. Newhall CA 91321 is a town in Santa Clarita with an Old Town, which is the oldest town of all. It’s a neighborhood on the southern edge of the Santa Clarita Valley, and its oldest neighborhood. It has a rich cowboy history even though its high school is nicknamed the Indians. It’s home to the Walk of Western Stars in Old Town Newhall. There aren’t many Newhall CA bankruptcy lawyers.

History of Newhall CA Bankruptcy

Henry Newhall founded the community with his name after he came to California in 1850 seeking gold. That didn’t pan out for him. However, after a couple of other business ventures, in 1870, he bought about 50,000 acres for only $2 an acre. This included what is today Newhall. He died about 10 years later, but left five sons.

These boys started Newhall Land and Farming, a company discovered on the brink of bankruptcy in 1928 by the last remaining brother, Mayo Newhall. It’s not clear if Mayo consulted with a Santa Clarita bankruptcy attorney for a Newhall CA bankruptcy, but it turns out the company eventually filed a Chapter 11bankruptcy in 2008. Most Newhall residents wouldn’t file Chapter 11, but one of the other types of bankruptcies.

Newhall has about 50,000 residents, and is only 418 feet above sea level.  Adjacent San Fernando Valley is a bad choice for residents of Newhall CA to seek a bankruptcy lawyer. San Fernando Valley bankruptcy attorneys are used to going to bankruptcy court in Woodland Hills. Folks locally who need a Newhall CA bankruptcy need to file their Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Los Angeles.  Valley lawyers don’t like to go to downtown L.A. In 2017, valley residents filed 3,422 Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases in the San Fernando Valley, which is over the hill from Newhall CA.

It would surprise many people, but Placerita Canyon once went through from Sierra Highway to San Fernando Road. However, that stretch of road is privately owned. The street started a service road to an oil company in the 1930s. In 1995, the Placerita Canyon Property Owners’ Assn voted to install a barrier, and then a gate, forcing anyone not living in their peaceful villa to take a three-mile detour. There is no truth it was done to enhance property values, but really, it’s just about safety and avoiding potential liability. If they got sued, they’d want to do the means test for Chapter 7.

Western heritage

There’s a Gene Autry connection to Newhall CA. Autry purchased a 110-acre ranch in 1953. The ranch was located in Placerita Canyon, and he renamed it to Melody Ranch, after the movie of the same name. The same concept was used when a hotel chain renamed itself Holiday Inn. This was after the Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire film of that same name. Melody Ranch was used for shooting films until it was devastated by a Placerita Cyn brushfire in 1962.

Many people sought a Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer after their home went up in flames, though there’s no indication Autry ever did. After Gene Autry’s favorite horse died in 1990, he put the Newhall CA 91321 ranch up for sale. It’s now a museum. They have a Cowboy Poetry and Music Festival.

Newhall CA is also home to the Downtown Newhall Western Walk of Fame, which started in 1981. Actually, that’s not true. It’s no longer called Downtown Newhall CA but now it’s Old Town Newhall which is more fancy and upscale sounding. And it’s no longer the Western Walk of Fame, but the Walk of Western Stars.  This is because the Hollywood Walk of Fame sued because only its walk can be famous. The Newhall CA walk is less famous, and now has a name that won’t upset Hollywood’s lawyers who’d drive it to a Newhall CA bankruptcy.

Other landmarks in Newhall CA

Newhall CA 91321 residents who need a bankruptcy attorney may want to go to Valencia, where some out-of-towners set up shop with one of their satellite offices. But these bankruptcy lawyers have likely never eaten at the Southern Smoke BBQ and Brewhouse (the brisket is amazing) or the Refinery across the street. Santa Clarita bankruptcy attorney Hale Antico has eaten at both restaurants. Why? Because he’s local and grew up here.

In fact, the Refinery got its name from the Pioneer Newhall oil refinery. The Newhall Oil refinery was completed in 1874 for a whopping $3,000. it was California’s first oil refinery operated on a commercial scale. Before it shut down and suffered vandalism in the 1990s, drivers along the Antelope Valley Freeway (highway 14) could see its smokestack with a flame that was always burning, like a petroleum Statue of Liberty.

Even the mighty Standard Oil (later Chevron) had to move on and pull up stakes. Chevron never did file bankruptcy, but Texaco Oil did in 1987. And if Newhall CA 91321 residents ever need to file bankruptcy, Santa Clarita bankruptcy lawyer Hale Antico may be the best bankruptcy lawyer to consider. The Newhall Refinery was located across Sierra Highway from Beale’s Cut.

beales cut santa clarita horse jumping newhall ca

Western actor Tom Mix rides a horse jumping Beale’s Cut in Newhall CA

Beale’s Cut

Beale’s Cut is another Newhall CA 91321 landmark. Before 1854, the Newhall Pass (then called the Fremont Pass) was a mighty obstacle to travel and commerce. Beale’s Cut grew in 1861 when Edward Fitzgerald Beale dug it deeper to 90 feet in height. Incidentally, until recently, people with a bankruptcy lawyer had to wait 7 years to file bankruptcy again. Stagecoaches took mail through  Beale’s Cut.   Travel continued in the Beale’s Cut in Newhall California until the 1910 completion of the Newhall Tunnel. DW Griffith and John Ford used the landmark in many western films.

Like the Refinery, there was even a Beale’s Cut restaurant named after this landmark. The eatery then became Cal Islands restaurant, later razed to make way for Via Princessa to go through and connect to Whites Canyon Road.

The Beale’s Cut landmark still exists in Newhall 91321. Vandals trashed it, literally, with graffiti and by dumping garbage near it. It’s now fenced off and barricaded and hidden from the street, soon to be forgotten… as a way to protect it. Almost two hundred years later, the Newhall Pass is still a mighty obstacle to travel, as Santa Clarita bankruptcy lawyer Hale Antico knows firsthand from driving past it through the Newhall Pass to help his clients at Los Angeles bankruptcy court.

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