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Valencia CA bankruptcy may seem odd, as it’s an upscale town. There are a few bankruptcy attorneys in Valencia CA, but… Local bankruptcy lawyers don’t get a ton of business, certainly not enough to pay the high Valencia rents. So those who call themselves bankruptcy lawyers in Valencia CA are often from out town with a branch office.

But there are ways to find a good local bankruptcy attorney.

Did you know the road to Awesometown went through bankruptcy

Valencia CA 91355 is an upscale bedroom community on the west end of Santa Clarita. The town is famously home of Magic Mountain amusement park, situated against the Interstate 5. But bankruptcy attorneys in Valencia, the famous planned community is known for high income and high property values?  In some cases, there is also high debt. There are lots of car dealerships in Valencia California, to say nothing of the mall.

How Bankruptcy is part of Valencia History

Did you know the road to Awesometown went through bankruptcy? Valencia CA 91355 is also home of Newhall Land and Farming. Back in the 1880s, there was actually farming in Santa Clarita. Then, the five sons of Henry Newhall formed this Valencia CA company. They developed agriculture and sold land for income, even some to Hearst. The Great Depression was tough on the Newhall boys, and with the Wall Street Crash, the company filed bankruptcy when the last brother, Mayo, died. The Newhall brothers had sick finances and could have used a good Valencia CA bankruptcy attorney. Valencia CA residents today who file bankruptcy go to bankruptcy court in downtown Los Angeles.

valencia ca
Valencia, carefully planned community and wonderful place to live.

Luckily, Mayo Newhall’s son-in-law, last name McBean, pumped money into the company in the 1930s. Soon it turned a profit. By the 1950s, McBean decided Newhall Land & Farming should get more into urbanization, and start a master planned community.  Consequently, they started Valencia, named for the oranges grown here before groves were knocked over to create room for more homes.

For years, there was was only one 7-Eleven in Valencia California, next to Zeko’s Restaurant and the Mann Theatre. It surprises many people to learn that there was actually once a movie theater on Cinema Drive. Many people who saw films there certainly filed either a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. And one person who attended Dollar Nights there went on to become a bankruptcy lawyer near Valencia, California.

In 1983, at McBean Parkway and Valencia Blvd in Valencia California, a gas station was blown up for a Stephen King film. This was one of the earliest cameos of Valencia CA 91355 in Hollywood. Valencia CA later went on to star in TV shows such as CSI, Breaking Bad, and later, the Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix.

Valencia is good for business

People looking for bankruptcy attorneys in Valencia California have choices. Out-of-town law firms in multiple cities seeking a Santa Clarita branch choose the 91355 zip code. Having one of 3 or 5 or 10 branches in Valencia CA doesn’t make them Valencia bankruptcy lawyers.  Santa Clarita bankruptcy attorney Hale Antico worked at Magic Mountain before it was acquired by Six Flags. One bankruptcy lawyer has purchased multiple cars at the Valencia Auto Mall. And only one attorney wrote this Valencia CA bankruptcy description trying to help his neighbors.

From Oranges to Awesome

Valencia CA is called Awesometown, because it is, well, awesome. It’s natural for people in Santa Clarita to feel bad when seeking a Valencia CA bankruptcy lawyer. There’s much social pressure to be successful, and there can be some guilt or shame if things don’t work out.

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You don’t have to leave Santa Clarita to get good qualified help. Santa Clarita bankruptcy attorney Hale Antico has helped many people in Valencia CA get a fresh start, understands the law, knows the territory, and is the best bankruptcy attorney for the 91355 zip code.