Sherman Oaks CA Bankruptcy Attorney Options

Sherman Oaks CA bankruptcy attorneys are plentiful. But choosing the right one for this upscale community can be a challenge.

Sherman Oaks is a neighborhood on the southern end of the San Fernando Valley that has about 70,000 residents. This leads to a lower population density in part because so much of its boundaries include the Santa Monica Mountains. It’s an affluent town, with median home values over $700,000.

Sherman Oaks CA Bankruptcy Facts and Challenges

The median household income is around $90,000, almost double the national number. This makes it challenging to file bankruptcy, though it can still be done. You just need an experienced lawyer who knows Sherman Oaks bankruptcy.

The reason for this is because bankruptcy is typically associated with lower income. Yet Sherman Oaks CA bankruptcy filers earn more income than the California median income limits.  Further, the homes in Sherman Oaks make bankruptcy more of a risks as they may exceed the Los Angeles County median home price.

galleria in sherman oaks ca
Galleria in Sherman Oaks CA

So, because of the pricey values of Sherman Oaks CA, mostly “south of the boulevard” with the 405 freeway as its western border, there can be a risk of Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  On the corner of Ventura Blvd and Sepulveda is the famous Sherman Oaks Galleria, the home of the Valley Girl phenomenon.  Most people who live here are renters (59%) with 41% as homeowners.

While Chapter 7 may be more of a challenge, Chapter 13 may still be possible. Residents of Sherman Oaks CA 91403 and 91423 have a number of bankruptcy attorney options. However, they’ll want to research that the bankruptcy lawyer know both main consumer bankruptcy types: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Entertainment Options

Sherman Oaks CA has many attractions, entertainment and outdoor activities. First of course the above-mentioned Galleria. But secondly, Notre Dame High School is an excellent school. Further, the Van Nuys Sherman Oaks CA 91423 Park is a good place to get away and relax. Finally, Ventura Boulevard has many shops and eateries. And if someone overdoes it on the credit cards, they may need to contact an experienced lawyer to get a fresh start. San Fernando Valley bankruptcy attorney Hale Antico has helped many people in the area.

Spumoni Restaurant has great Italian food and is reasonably priced. Also, the Blue Dog Beer Tavern is a good place to hoist a pint. And you can’t go wrong at the Blu Jam Cafe.

Sherman Oaks CA 91403 is not far from downtown Los Angeles, California. Still, its residents will want to find an experienced San Fernando Valley bankruptcy lawyer since that’s where the court is. The bankruptcy court is where consumer bankruptcy petitions are filed, and the location of the meetings of creditors. There is credit after bankruptcy, so people won’t necessarily need to make too many lifestyle changes, except maybe cut up the credit cards.

You’ll want an attorney for your Sherman Oaks CA bankruptcy that attends the hearing with you. This way, you’re testifying with someone familiar with your case, and you’re comfortable with him.

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