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Finding a Bankruptcy Attorney for Saugus CA bankruptcy

There aren’t really any bankruptcy attorneys in Saugus CA. as most folks living here would need to look for one in the greater Santa Clarita area. Residents of Saugus CA 91350 will typically need to file bankruptcy in Los Angeles. The Valencia/McBean courthouse isn’t the right one, nor is Chatsworth or even Woodland Hills. Saugus CA bankruptcy cases go to downtown.

Saugus CA 91350 is a suburb of Santa Clarita, with a long rich history, and is part of Santa Clarita. The town’s founder named it after Saugus Massachusetts in 1879, his birthplace. It’s a bedroom community with storefronts, and a population estimated to be around 45,000 people.

The population density of Saugus CA is 218 persons per square mile. 66.7% of the population is married; 33.3% are single. Most of these good people would be probably filing a joint consumer bankruptcy. In 2018, the Saugus 91350 median household income is $80,940 and the median home value is $532,700, meaning that more people would be filing their Saugus CA bankruptcy as a Chapter 13 more than than the overall population. This is because they’re over the median income for California, and have significant home equity. It helps to understand the different chapters for bankruptcy.


Saugus CA 91350 has a rich history and famous landmarks. Firstly, it’s the home to the Saugus Speedway, which feels like it really isn’t in Saugus CA, but on the way to Canyon Country. The Saugus Speedway was an attraction that started as a rodeo arena in the 1920s, but became paved in the 1950s for car racing. Many drivers and racers would flock to the 1/3-mile track each summer. Families would fill the stands hoping to see the demolition derby, and racers compete in the oval and figure-8 track. It grew in popularity, drawing stock cars and NASCAR racecars.

The familiar sounds of excitement filled the air of Santa Clarita every Saturday night from Saugus CA between April and October.  In 1995, officials closed the track because of “unsafe” grandstand seating, which were somehow impossible to replace. There is absolutely no truth to the rumor the city put property values and development ahead of this business. They shut it down. Speedway owners, which saw a sudden decrease in their income, may or may not have consulted bankruptcy lawyers for bankruptcy information.

Saugus High Shooting

Tragedy visited Saugus CA with the Saugus High School shooting on November 14, 2019. That day, before class started, a student opened fire in the student quad. Two people were killed, and three others were injured. The murderer then killed himself and died the next day. The horrible event brought the community together, as local churches became triage areas and hosted prayer vigils, and Saugus Strong banners and #SaugusStrong signs were visible all over town in the weeks and months that followed. No motive for the tragic killings was ever found, but the community still recovers.

Saugus Swapmeet

Secondly, the Saugus Swapmeet is a famous attraction in Saugus CA 91350. For decades, it’s held in the now-gutted track of the Saugus Speedway. Every Sunday, it would attract merchants selling high-quality wares, seeking the best spots by lining up on Soledad Canyon Road on Saturday night. It became so popular that Sheriff deputies would have to direct all the Saugus CA traffic from all shoppers on Sunday morning. The Saugus Swap Meet truly was Santa Clarita’s first mall.

saugus speedway ca californiaFor a more complete shopping mall experience, Saugus CA 91350 residents used to drive to Northridge. Some of these shoppers overdid it on the credit cards. If they did, they’d need an experienced Saugus CA bankruptcy lawyer to do the bankruptcy means test for a possible Chapter 7 bankruptcy. In 1992, the Valencia Town Center opened, to the delight of Saugus shoppers. The Saugus Swapmeet is now a flea market shoppers pass on the way to the Westfield Valencia Town Center. The mall is about 5 minutes from Saugus CA 91350.

Further up Bouquet Canyon in Saugus is the Lombardi Ranch. While it operates year-round growing and selling vegetables, it gets new life in Autumn. Each Fall, Lombardi Ranch transforms into a Saugus CA pumpkin patch.  It started out as a secret, but has grown in fame where people all over Santa Clarita and Los Angeles will trek to pick a pumpkin, see Scarecrow Alley, and the many Lombardi Ranch attractions. It’s a great family Halloween destination for a few hours on October weekends through Saugus CA.

lombardi ranch in saugus ca californiaArchitectural Landmarks

In 1924, William Mulholland started constructing the St Francis Dam, finished two years later. The dam, in San Francisquito by Saugus California collapsed in 1928, and water flooded out to Santa Paula and then the Pacific Ocean, killing 431 people. The dam’s failure is probably the worst civil engineering disasters in the 20th century, and the 2nd largest loss of life in California’s history.

More Demographics

The median age is 32.8 years, so it’s a bunch of families, some starting out and others more established, who may need an experienced Santa Clarita bankruptcy attorney.  82.4% of Saugus CA homes are owner-occupied; 14.8% are rentals. Average number of people per household is 3.1. These are a lot of people who may need local Santa Clarita bankruptcy lawyer Hale Antico.

Most don’t know it, but Saugus CA had a drive-in (not the Mustang). In the late 1950s and early 1960s, the Corral Drive-in was at the NW corner of Seco Canyon and what is now Copper Hill. The Corral drive-in screen facing the intersection from was near the upper parking lot of what is now a large church.

More Saugus CA Places of Note

Saugus High School is located up Bouquet Canyon, past Seco Canyon. The Saugus Centurions play football next to a pipeline. The pipe runs through Saugus CA, and Centurions athletes train by running next to it. The pipeline runs by Central Park in Saugus CA.

Central Park is a gathering place for many in Santa Clarita for cultural, musical and sporting events. The Saugus Central Park was built on onion fields. These Saugus onion fields emitted a fragrant scent that wafted through Saugus CA through the 1980s.

Further across Bouquet Junction, the Saugus Cafe opened in 1887. This makes it the second oldest business in Santa Clarita besides Newhall Land and Farming. Many Saugus CA residents have needed bankruptcy lawyers over all these decades. Santa Clarita bankruptcy attorney Hale Antico has helped many Saugus CA residents get a fresh start. President William Harrison dined at cafe in 1891, though no one knows what he thought of the hash browns. Saugus CA served Theodore Roosevelt a steak in 1925 and many of Hollywood’s most famous celebrities in the 1920s and 1930s. Surprisingly, they shot films in Santa Clarita way before CSI.

Don’t take a chance on an out-of-towner who calls themselves a Saugus CA bankruptcy attorney. Go with a Centurion, someone who truly is, knows the area, and may or may not have run laps by the Saugus pipeline for Coach Worley.

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