Encino CA & Choosing the Right Bankruptcy Attorney

Encino CA 91316 and 91436 is an upscale neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley, but technically part of Los Angeles. Its total population is about 27,000 people. Statistics show that 3,422 people filed consumer bankruptcy cases in the San Fernando Valley in 2017. Encino CA is an upscale neighborhood with excellent shopping, wonderful homes, and great outdoor opportunities. Perhaps ironically, there are some Encino bankruptcy attorneys with offices on Ventura Blvd. However, there are other award-winning options that are perhaps more affordable.

encino ca bankruptcy attorneysEncino CA is known for for the many attractions, shopping, outdoor opportunities, and very nice homes that can be found in this community. Firstly, there are many entertainment options, stores, retailer, and dining establishments in this neighborhood. The surrounding San Fernando Valley offers additional options in these categories as well. Ventura Blvd is the Rodeo Drive of the Valley, with lots of great restaurants and shops.

Other Encino CA attractions

Secondly, Jerry’s Deli has probably the best matzah ball soup (not counting grandma). Larsen’s Steakhouse is a fine place for a steak. People who live in Encino CA and the 91316 and 91436 zip codes need an experienced and knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyer to decide if they should file bankruptcy. If so, help deciding to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and which bankruptcy attorney to use. The wrong bankruptcy lawyer could be an expensive mistake, leading to delays or even having the case dismissed.

Thirdly, Balboa Park is a fun outdoor opportunity, as is Balboa Lake across the street. A little further east on Burbank is Hjelte Park, which has some of the finest fantastic softball diamonds in the San Fernando Valley. Encino CA residents who hurt themselves rollerblading, at the Encino Velodrome, or diving headfirst into second may find themselves injured and maybe missing work and healthcare bills. A qualified bankruptcy attorney can help with the resulting medical debt and a fresh start.

Great place to live, if you can afford it

The median home value of Encino California is $804,000, especially if the house is “south of the boulevard.” That will of course mean quite a mortgage payment, but the median household income of Encino CA is about $102,000 per year, about double the national average. If anything goes wrong, residents of this town will want the best bankruptcy attorney to ensure they don’t risk their home equity and while making it affordable to pay their debts.  An experienced San Fernando Valley bankruptcy lawyer can help with protecting assets.

Encino CA is also home to many jobs in healthcare, including the Encino-Tarzana Regional Medical Center. All in all, there are almost 4000 businesses in the 91316 and 91436 area employing almost 30,000 workers. If any ever lost their job, the right bankruptcy lawyer can help turn things around.

On the corner of Ventura and Louise, the Encino Oak stood for over 1,000 years. “Encino” is Spanish for “evergreen” or “holm oak.” Consequently, there’s speculation that Encino was named for this tree. However, with a massive storm, the majestic tree died in 1998. A monument is there today to commemorate the spot of this landmark of Encino CA. Sadly, even the most powerful oaks don’t last forever.