Northridge CA bankruptcy lawyers and how to find one

If you’re trying to find the a Northridge CA bankruptcy lawyer, you’re at the right place. There are a couple of bankruptcy attorneys in Northridge CA, but choosing the best is tough.

Northridge CA 91324 and 91325 is a neighborhood of Los Angeles in the San Fernando Valley. It’s home to Cal State Northridge (CSUN) and the famous Northridge Mall. It has a population of just over 50,000 people, and a median annual household income just over $67,000, which is very close to the California state median income. So with all this affluence and comfort, how do you find a bankruptcy attorney?

Consequently, many people in Northridge CA struggle with debt. This is not merely because they’re close to the Northridge Mall (technically, the Northridge Fashion Center). People¬† need a Northridge CA bankruptcy lawyer that specializes in Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases and understands the different types of bankruptcies,and that their hometown. Northridge CA 91324 and 91325 is about 30 miles from downtown L.A.

northridge ca bankruptcy
northridge ca bankruptcy

The Northridge to Los Angeles Connection

Ironically, the San Fernando Valley town was named North Los Angeles in 1929 to show how close it was to Los Angeles. This caused confusion, especially with North Hollywood in the picture. So in 1938, it changed its name to Northridge California.

Today, residents there don’t really consider themselves part of L.A. but more of part of “The Valley.” Northridge CA bankruptcy cases don’t get filed downtown as their venue, but instead stay in the Valley division.

Northridge CA Growth

There are a few local bankruptcy lawyers. Some do Chapter 7 cases, and even fewer will file Chapter 13 cases. Northridge CA 91324 & 91325 has median home values of about $525,000. Not all bankruptcy lawyers are familiar with the means test. The distribution of renters to homeowners is almost exactly 50-50. The community was originally named Zelzah. Longtime residents will remember, before the 118, when Rinaldi took a steep dip down and again back up near Zelzah. This has since been leveled off. With this growth, people now drive much faster on Rinaldi.

Further, Rinaldi used to be really a good workaround to avoid Devonshire Blvd. Devonshire can get quite congested, for anyone trying to go east-west across the Valley. The 118 (no one calls it CA Highway 118) was completed in 1979. Prior to that, anyone traveling east had to exit at De Soto where the 118 went straight into a hill.

Cal State Northridge

California State University at Northridge CA is known for its landmark sign on Nordhoff Street that shows the school’s abbreviation from two different directions and is a design marvel. Many CSUN students can’t work and study, and upon graduation may need a bankruptcy lawyer.

State College to Uni to D-1

There’s also a major university in Northridge CA. It wasn’t always major, it once started off as San Fernando Valley State College. Now it’s all grown up. Sometimes called “Cal State Northridge”, the locals just call it CSUN or “see-sun.” Before the Matadors moved up to Division I in 1990, the university won 34 Division II national titles, third most of all time. Many of the students in attendance will have too much credit card debt and need a San Fernando Valley bankruptcy lawyer.

CSUN is one of only 45 schools in the country that have a beach volleyball program. More importantly, CSUN has achieved consistent rankings in the top 200 out of 2,000 colleges nationwide, and its engineering program is 5th out of all California colleges. In fact, one Matador went on to graduate school from CSUN, and then became a bankruptcy attorney and then wrote this website to help people. I’m hoping you’ll consider contacting me for a consultation.

A Northridge CA bankruptcy Lawyer

Bankruptcy attorney Hale Antico is a bankruptcy attorney who, for 20 years, has helped thousands of people get a fresh start. I do both Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases. I combine top-notch expertise with high customer service. Honest and affordable, I’ll navigate you through this unfamiliar territory. Because this isn’t your fault, but you can choose the best way to get out of it. Let me help you.

Disaster strikes

In 1994, the Northridge earthquake rattled windows and nerves at 4:31 am. This caused massive damage not only in Northridge CA, but all across the valley and surrounding areas. It was months before some freeways were repaired and retrofitted. Houses were “red-tagged.” Walls were tumbled and pools cracked. Many people filed Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

In your life, if disaster strikes, don’t blame yourself. Sometimes life happens, just like earthquakes happen.¬†San Fernando Valley bankruptcy attorney Hale Antico has filed many Northridge CA bankruptcy cases. He personally attends most of the hearing dates himself, and has been there for hundreds of people.

Let me help you.

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