Los Angeles Bankruptcy Paralegal

People think they should just pay a Los Angeles bankruptcy paralegal to fill out forms. But it’s not just a “form.” It really does matter who does your bankruptcy. Chapter 7 or Chapter 13? Liquidation or Reorganization? Which exemption to use? These are things that only an attorney can tell you. There is short-term cost and what you can pay in the long run if you screw this up. Think this through.

Why not a “We the People” or Bankruptcy Paralegal?

Does it make more sense to have a Los Angeles bankruptcy paralegal do your bk? After all, they don’t charge as much. It’s a no-brainer to have someone in Los Angeles like We the People legal document services do your California bankruptcy paperwork, right?

Give this some serious thought. Paralegals are limited by what they can do. If they do too much for you, they are practicing law and violating California state ethics rules. And what kind of character does that show? Note: technically paralegals cannot represent you directly. Why cut corners with a paralegal when you can get what may be the best bankruptcy attorney for a reasonable rate?

“Bankruptcy Petition Preparers” (or BPPs) are non-attorneys that assist the public. Sometimes they’re also called bankruptcy paralegals. There may be bankruptcy attorneys you should not do business with. Similarly, there are also unethical bankruptcy preparers who don’t follow the rules. They give more than bankruptcy information, giving advice. They get punished by bankruptcy judges and the Trustee.

Practicing Law Without a License

What is an example of the practice of law? Merely recommending that pass the means test and you should file bankruptcy under Chapter 7 bankruptcy as opposed to Chapter 13 bankruptcy is practicing law. They can’t even tell you what type of bankruptcy you can file. Sure, anyone can tell you general information about bankruptcy. But applying that law to your specific set of facts — something unique to you and only you — requires a Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney. And if they’re not going to guide you and give you legal advice, are you really getting your money’s worth?

No one but an attorney can answer bankruptcy FAQ you may have. Only an attorney can be with you during your Meeting with Creditors at Bankruptcy Court. For that one big day — hopefully the only time you’ll be in court this year or this lifetime — don’t you want to have an lawyer by your side?

Consequently, a legal document service like We the People can do bankruptcy forms and save you money, but you get what you pay for. And in a major process like a once-in-a-lifetime bankruptcy, now is not the time to cut corners with a Los Angeles bankruptcy paralegal.