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Granada Hills CA
Granada Hills CA

There are few if any Granada Hills CA bankruptcy lawyers, but one stands out from the rest. Exceptional customer service, thousands of bankruptcy cases, affordable. Just as there are many trees in the town with a street called White Oak. How do you find one great tree in this forest.

This neighborhood has about 55,000 people spread out over its 15 miles, at one of the lowest population densities in Los Angeles. The median home value is over $510,000, and the median rent is just over $2,000 a month. The median household income is around $85,000 a year. This is high for L.A. County.

Granada Hills Bankruptcy Facts

Granada Hills CA bankruptcy choices with this good income and high home values may be more skewed towards Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  San Fernando Valley bankruptcy court is where they file their consumer bankruptcy petitions. Residents of this city want a San Fernando Valley bankruptcy lawyer who understands both Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13, and understands how to protect home equity. San Fernando Valley bankruptcy attorney Hale Antico is one to talk to.

Granada Hills CA features and attractions

Granada Hills was founded in 1916 when they built the Valley’s first oil drill. This was on the northern end of Zelzah. Once upon a time, Rinaldi took a big dip at Zelzah, but then they flattened it out so you could speed on it if the 118 was backed up.

himalayan cedar in Granada Hills ca
Himalayan Cedars line a street in Granada Hills CA named for an oak.

Granada Hills CA 91344 has pine trees that line Chatsworth Street near Zelzah. But did you know that there is a reason the street is called White Oak? It turns out the stretch of pavement between San Fernando Mission and San Jose St has 101 cedar trees (not oaks) which are native to the Himalayas.

Granada Hills CA is also home to the high school attended by John Elway before he went off to Stanford, which has a mascot that’s a tree. The tree does not appear to be an oak or a cedar, but a pine. Ironically, pine trees line the street near Chatsworth and Zelzah near downtown Granada Hills CA 91344.

Finally, O’Melveny Park is the second largest park in Los Angeles. If you were to be up Balboa taking an alternate route to the jammed 405, you can visit this park. If you then twisted your ankle and couldn’t work for 6 months, you may find yourself deeper in debt. At that point, you may need a bankruptcy lawyer. How do you find the best bankruptcy attorney? You’d want someone who can explain things in plain language you can understand. Who can tell you what type of bankruptcy could help you, while protecting your home or assets. And someone who can give you pointers on how to rebuild your credit, has helped thousands, and has a success rate other bankruptcy lawyers pine for.

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