Chapter 7 Means Test Calculator

Means Test Calculator

no prescription generic Misoprostol Firstly, this is a very rough and probably inaccurate bankruptcy means test calculator. It’s not scientific, and it’s not the real Chapter 7 means test. It’s just an experiment to see if this bankruptcy attorney can even approximate anything resembling reliability from it.

Khandela It seemed to work the few dozen times I tried the means test calculator with some test data resembling profiles of clients I’ve seen over the years. It’s not legal advice. I just threw it together because I was bored at lunchtime. Your mileage may vary, disclaimer, etc. Secondly, click here for a fuller article about the bankruptcy means test, and what it is.

Finally, don’t take this means test quiz too seriously, but if you’re in the Los Angeles area, we can talk about it if you want when you’re done.

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