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Canyon Country CA 91351 has few if any bankruptcy lawyers with practices there. The area is on the east side of the Santa Clarita Valley (SCV). It has a rich history of rustic country and ties to the Old West. Canyon Country CA 91351 has a mix of renters in Canyon Country apartments like those by Jakes Way.  Many of these people might need a Santa Clarita bankruptcy lawyer.

In addition to apartment renters, Canyon Country CA has many suburban homeowners, notably upscale ranch estates in Sand Canyon. Sand Canyon was formerly home of famous western and rodeo stars of days gone by such as Montie Montana. Because there are few bankruptcy attorneys in Canyon Country, California, most residents will mistakenly cross Santa Clarita to “branch office” of a too-big-to-care bankruptcy lawyer. Santa Clarita bankruptcy attorney Hale Antico has only one office, provides good service, and actually knows Canyon Country.

While Canyon Country CA used to have an exciting annual Frontier Days summer festival near Lost Canyon in the Santa Clara “River” (also known as the wash), the area is now home to even more apartments. For evening entertainment, Canyon Country CA residents enjoy karaoke at Dario’s, or travel to nearby Valencia, where there’s a vibrant nightlife.

Placerita Canyon and Canyon Country CA

canyon country ca
Canyon Country, CA before bulldozers carved a path to Whites Canyon.

Canyon Country CA is a bit over 1500 feet in altitude, with a population of 60,000 people. It is home to the Disney studio location in Placerita Canyon, also home of the Placerita Nature Center. The nature center is site of the Oak of the Golden Dream, where California gold was first discovered. A gold nugget now is harder to find than two synched traffic signals on Soledad trying to cross Santa Clarita in under 30 minutes.

Choosing the wrong Canyon Country CA bankruptcy lawyer would be a big mistake for folks living in the 91351. It’s hard to believe, but there was a time in 1979 when there were no fast food restaurants along in Canyon Country CA 91351 between the Whites Canyon KFC and Coco’s Restaurant, where this was written. Now there is Fast Food Row, along with many new Canyon Country CA 91387 residents who need a skilled bankruptcy attorney with experience in chapter 7 bankruptcy and a chapter 13 bankruptcy success rate more than double the district average.

Solemint and Mint Canyon

The junction of Sierra Hwy and Soledad Cyn was called Solemint, not far from Mint Canyon. There was a Little League field there, where joyful children played baseball. Then they bulldozed the park and built apartments and businesses. Then in 2018, Canyon Country CA knocked down the building and built a park.

On Soledad by Sand Canyon, they’re tearing down a (mobile home) park and building a building. Many people will move in there and live above businesses. They may need a Canyon Country CA bankruptcy attorney once they realize that the rent is unaffordable. Then, these residents of Canyon Country CA (technically part of Santa Clarita), will want someone qualified to help them with experience. Santa Clarita bankruptcy attorney Hale Antico has helped thousands of people in Canyon Country CA 91351 and Santa Clarita get a fresh start

For years, one of the best bankruptcy attorneys had an office at the corner of Sierra Highway and Soledad Canyon. Then a recovering economy made Canyon Country CA 91351 rents too high for a consumer bankruptcy lawyer. Santa Clarita bankruptcy lawyer Hale Antico still offers consultations to people here, helps them file bankruptcy, and attends their hearing with them so they get a fresh start. He’s really the the only Canyon Country CA bankruptcy choice.

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