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Wage Garnishment

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Wage garnishment in California is a shocking and traumatic event. All of a sudden, 25% of your income is attached and you never see it (up to 50% in some custody claim cases). And it all starts when a creditor has filed a Earnings Withholding Order to collect on a debt and garnish wage.. Suddenly, someone who was just barely getting by, treading water, is now missing one-fourth of their take-home pay.

There are a couple of things someone who has had their wages garnished can do. One of them is to file a Claim of Exemption form. This is not an easy way to go, and you'll probably want an attorney to assist you. The standard is fairly high, but from time to time, these allow you to decrease the amount they withhold.

One other thing you can do is hire a Los Angeles attorney to file bankruptcy on your behalf. Immediately, the creditor whose debt is being paid by the wage garnishment will be put on notice and have to stop this garnish wage and attempt to collect on a debt. You can file bankruptcy to stop the wage garnishment in California.

MORE: See our article on stopping a wage garnishment.

But hurry. Every moment you delay is risking another paycheck that gets shorted, funds going to "them" which you can be using for groceries and food. You cannot afford to lose 25% of your pay check. Stop the wage garnishment now.


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