Stevenson Ranch CA and Finding Bankruptcy Attorneys

Stevenson Ranch CA is an upscale bedroom community located in the Santa Clarita Valley, but is actually not part of the City of Santa Clarita. The 20,000 residents in Stevenson Ranch CA 91381 have homes with a median value of over a million dollars. The median household income level of $121,802, married (58%) with a high school education (96%) and 51% with college degrees. Almost 70% of Stevenson Ranch CA 91381 residents own their homes, and about 30% rent. Consequently, the area is mostly very nice homes, but there are some Stevenson Ranch apartments.

stevenson ranch ca apartments
Most in Stevenson Ranch own, but there are apartments to rent if you have $2,000 a month.

It’s technically a suburb of Los Angeles. There are few if any bankruptcy attorneys in Stevenson Ranch CA 91381. There are bankruptcy attorneys with offices in Valencia, but maybe they’re not the best bankruptcy lawyer option. How can they be if they’re not true Santa Clarita bankruptcy attorneys. These are out-of-towners who just have a branch office here as one pushpin in their boardroom map. They don’t know of a time when Pico Canyon and Valencia Blvd turned into a dead-end after crossing the 5 freeway.

Stevenson Ranch for Filming

Stevenson Ranch CA Pleasantville
Stevenson Ranch is protected by Tobey Maguire and Spiderman against rogue TV repairmen.

Stevenson Ranch CA 91381 is also a favorite place for filming very popular TV shows like Weeds. Also, it was a location for the shooting of the film Pleasantville, about a small town haunted by Don Knotts years after the Andy Griffith Show turned him evil.

No, that’s not true. Pleasantville was an old-fashioned town of nostalgic Americana, much like Stevenson Ranch. Both communities have low crime, high home values, good schools. Residents of both enjoy a certain sense of getting far far away from large city problems of Los Angeles. And this is why folks in Stevenson Ranch CA 91381 should hire someone local like Santa Clarita bankruptcy lawyer Hale Antico.

Elite Enclave

In a 2017 report, Stevenson Ranch California placed 8th place overall out of 106 L.A. County neighborhoods in which to live. It, along with Castaic CA, was named an Elite Enclave. Its residents live to the ripe old age of 86 years, exceeding the national average of 78.74 years. Stevenson Ranch 91381 folks placed fifth overall in the county in education, and eighth overall in income.

Due to high income, it’s therefore very unlikely that Stevenson Ranch CA residents would pass the bankruptcy means test. Consequently, if someone in Stevenson Ranch CA fell on hard times, they’d most likely file Chapter 13 bankruptcy. This is a master-planned community approved by Los Angeles County in 1987. Maybe not coincidentally, 1987 is the same year Santa Clarita incorporated as a city.

stevenson ranch ca california

There was a lot of debate whether it should join the new city officially. Perhaps for tax reasons, the new housing development chose to stay independent. Given its overall standing in Los Angeles County, it seems to have done all right with that choice. And when Stevenson Ranch CA folks suffer a setback, another great choice would be Santa Clarita bankruptcy attorney Hale Antico.