Santa Clarita Bankruptcy

When you live in SCV, you want Santa Clarita bankruptcy lawyers to handle your Santa Clarita bankruptcy. You really want local professionals you can trust who are trained and with experience you can count on to help you with something that will shape your financial life for years to come.

The Cost Quandary

It’s an age-old dilemma: “If I had money for lawyers, I wouldn’t need to file bankruptcy!” While at first impression, this may make sense, if you think it through, there is a good justification for having an Santa Clarita bankruptcy lawyer help you. A skilled lawyer can save you much more money than you’ll spend.

And yes, our lawyers will work out affordable payment plans where you pay what you can, when you can.


It may sound counter-intuitive, but lawyers can be affordable, particularly if you are considering ditching a lot of debt. Payment plans can be arranged where you are receiving the full benefit of a lawyer to assist you and not cutting corners.

Why Use Lawyers?

While there are those that might consider to file bankruptcy on their own, there are many very good reasons why you should use bankruptcy lawyers. For a complex procedure that will impact your life for years to come, you really don’t want to skimp on money and cut corners. You wouldn’t skimp on a surgeon and hire some cut-rate paramedic to perform surgery on you, would you? Why would you want a discount paralegal to do something as major as a BK? A paralegal can’t even give you cheap legal advice. For legal advice, you need lawyers. Anyone who is not a lawyer is practicing law without a license. Is that really the kind of “help” you want?

Let’s say your lawyers’ fees are around a grand or two for a chapter 7 bankruptcy. A skilled professional will assist you in finding California bankruptcy exemptions for your property and house, often up to many thousands of dollars. A lawyer will be with you in court. They’ll fight for you if your creditors contend an issue or want you to give something back, or say that some major debt is non-dischargable. You don’t want to be on your own, at that point.

Or, lawyers can work out a Chapter 13 plan that fits your particular financial situation, often saving you $10,000s of money you’d have to pay back in unsecured debt. Finally, only lawyers can give you legal advice about your situation; no one else can, not even those paralegal services. If they do, they’re practicing law without a license… and do you really want someone like that “helping” you?


You don’t want to wait too long. Delay will only lead to more creditor harassment and could lead to wage garnishment and put you in a situation where you’ll need to stop foreclosure. So, don’t delay, contact a skilled professional today.


Contact a SCV bankruptcy lawyer right now!

We can work out a payment plan so that this is an affordable bankruptcy. For a big deal like a bankruptcy, you really want Santa Clarita bankruptcy lawyers to help.