Acton CA and bankruptcy lawyers

Acton CA 93510 is a small rural town near the Antelope Valley. It was founded in 1887 by gold miners. The population of this tiny California town a little over 7,000 people. There are few if any bankruptcy attorneys in Acton CA, so these residents seeking debt help may need Antelope Valley bankruptcy assistance.

red rover mine in acton ca by 14 freeway
The Red Rover Mine just on the other side of a hill from the 14 in Acton CA

Acton CA was a gold mining town created in the late 1800s. Miners worked the Red Rover Mine and Governor Mine, and founded a town named after Acton Massachusetts. Acton CA was almost a location for California state capital because of the mine owned by the then-governor. This ultimately failed, and consequently, the state capital remained in Sacramento.

What’s Yours is Mine

The mines produced gold, copper and ore until the early 1900s. President Franklin Roosevelt order gold mines shut down in 1942, and the mines were filled in. The mines later closed, and the miners may have needed to consult with an experienced bankruptcy attorney. Red Rover Mine is now just a dusty offramp people pass on the 14 freeway going to and from the Antelope Valley. For people looking for it, the mine is in the mountain located 1/2 mile north of the freeway about halfway between Red Rover Mine Rd and Sierra Highway. An Acton CA resident owns the claim. There’s talk the mine may reopen, but that hasn’t yet happened.

The people here who need a personal bankruptcy won’t find any bankruptcy lawyers nearby. They’ll likely go up to the AV in their search for the best bankruptcy attorney. These good folks want to find someone who files both Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 cases. Consumer bankruptcy cases filed for these residents will be in downtown Los Angeles. A qualified bankruptcy lawyer does that for the consumer.

A Range of Rural Ranch Spreads in Acton CA

Acton CA 93510 has lots of ranches, and water rights are considered quite valuable. If land has a well on it that produces water, that’s a big deal that enhances the property value. The median home value of there is about $459,000, and over 90% of residents own their homes, with fewer than 10% being renters.  The median household income is over $90,000 a year, which probably increases the chances these folks would consider a Chapter 13 bankruptcy that protects their ranch homes.

There are a few entertainment options for people in Acton CA 93510. A good place to eat is Don Chato Mexican Restaurant. This used to be Don Cuco’s, but closed down around 2015. Don Chato has kept much of the charm. Also, Crazy Otto’s has one of the best breakfasts in Acton CA, or anywhere, really.