Antelope Valley Bankruptcy

Why go down below? We’ve got Antelope Valley bankruptcy lawyers right here in the AV. With an office in Palmdale serving Lancaster, Quartz Hill, and the rest of the Antelope Valley. We’ve even had clients from Edwards AFB drive down. We’re no strangers to the AV and see the poppies every year.

An Antelope Valley bankruptcy attorney for years

antelope valley bankruptcy
Antelope Valley poppies.

We’ve been in the AV from back before the real estate bubble burst. Our first office was over by the car dealerships, before Palmdale Hospital was built. Since then, we’ve moved to be more conveniently located, right off the Antelope Valley freeway.

We were able to help many people in the AV when the bubble did burst. Home were underwater, no equity, and people were wondering if they should keep paying their mortgages. We were fortunate to remove many second mortgages with a “lien strip” Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Fortunately, much of Antelope Valley’s home values have recovered now. We’re still here, though. People don’t need help to stop foreclosure in the AV so much now. Lately, it’s more helping people who’ve lost a job, are being sued, or just can’t afford to drive down below anymore on the 14 because of time not spent with family.

Bankruptcy Court

Everyone to file bankruptcy has to attend a 341(a) Meeting of Creditors. This is where creditors can show up and question you under oath. A bankruptcy trustee will certainly ask questions, looking for assets that they can take and sell to give to your credit card debts.


In the Antelope Valley, if you file bankruptcy, you will need to attend the bankruptcy court that is located in downtown Los Angeles, not the Lancaster courthouse. It used to be at the San Fernando Valley bankruptcy court, but that was way back in 2009.  Since then, anyone to file bankruptcy goes to Los Angeles.

Am I alone or are you full-service?

This is one Antelope Valley bankruptcy attorney who knows their way around the bankruptcy court. Why? Because you’re not alone. We usually personally attend.

Do other bankruptcy lawyers go to downtown?

Other Antelope Valley bankruptcy lawyers don’t go to L.A. It’s like a 90-minute drive to Los Angeles from the AV without traffic as a straight shot.  Add some morning rush-hour traffic and it can easily become two hours, sometimes more. Each way.

Most bankruptcy attorneys don’t make the drive from the Antelope Valley to downtown. Because that’s easily four hours out of the day, and they’d rather stay back in their comfy office while you sweat it out so they can get work done. They hire a stranger to be with you, someone you’ve likely never met before.

Think about it.

After the stress of traffic, finding a parking space, it’s time to find the room. Then, full of anxiety, it’s time to testify, under oath, in a room with a sign on the wall saying the FBI investigates bankruptcy crime. You’re freaking out. Do you want to meet a stranger for the first time who doesn’t know you, you’re not comfortable with, doesn’t know your personality or story? Of course not.

That’s why we do what the other Antelope Valley bankruptcy attorneys won’t do. I typically make the drive to downtown Los Angeles to be with my clients. The same familiar person you met in Palmdale is there for you when you’re sweating bullets downtown. Yes, I also lose about half a day of work, but I just feel it’s a higher priority to take care of an existing client on their big day instead of chasing new ones.  Ask the other bankruptcy lawyers that.

Let this Antelope Valley bankruptcy lawyer be there for you

This is why, whether you live in Palmdale, Quartz Hill, Pearblossom, Littlerock, Leona Valley, Lake LA Acton, Agua Dulce and of course, Lancaster CA, when you need to turn to an attorney for a bankruptcy, we’re the lawyers to turn to.

So, if you’re in financial trouble and thinking about credit card debt consolidation or bankruptcy, you really need to contact an Antelope Valley bankruptcy lawyer right away.