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They're Garnishing my Wages!

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Few things are as disturbing and upsetting as finding out that your wages are being garnished.

What to Expect from a Wage Garnishment & How to Stop It

The concept of a wage garnishement is simple: You owed someone money. They took you to court (yes, it's possible you didn't get actual notice of the lawsuit, or receive any summons). They won. Why? You owed them money. "I can't afford to pay it back" isn't a defense, and wouldn't have worked even if you showed up. Now that they won a judgment, they're collecting on that judgement. One way to collect on a judgment is to garnish wages. So they found out where you work, and have the local sheriff. marshall or other authorities tell your payroll department to take money from your pay check.

You have very little time to act before your paycheck gets deductions from it. You really need to contact a skilled bankruptcy lawyer as soon as possible.

Don't wait until it's too late.


You cannot afford to wait!



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