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If you are looking for debt relief and help in the Los Angeles area, you have come to the right place. At Los Angeles Bankruptcy, we help you with your credit problems and do all we can to give you the best, most impartial, fair legal advice we can. We are Los Angeles attorneys: lawyers sworn to protect your interests and fight for you and against the credit card companies who are harassing you... or worse.

We all get in situations that we did not plan on. Life happens. You are not a bad person. The question is this: now that you are here, what will you do about it? How will you get out of it? Can you get a fresh start on your way to being debt free in Los Angeles?

The way we look at it, you can do a couple of things... do nothing and let them possibly sue you and get a wage garnishment; negotiate and settle your debts; try debt consolidation or credit counseling in Los Angeles; or a bankruptcy. And if you are concerned that you will never get credit again, that is just false. There are many bad credit credit cards that target people who just came from a BK.

Bottom line: let us talk to you about ways you can get debt help and relief in Los Angeles. If you want a debt solution and want to be debt free in Los Angeles or the surrounding areas, we can help. Contact us now!


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We are a federally designated debt relief agency pursuant to Title 11 of the US Code.
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