Bankruptcy and Your Home

Bankruptcy and Your Home

Will I lose my home if I file?

It’s common to ask what happens with bankruptcy and your home. Understandably, there is concern about what happens to your house if you file bankruptcy. Assuming you stay current with your mortgage, your home may be safe. (if not current, a bankruptcy can help with stopping foreclosure).

In California, you are allowed to protect your home in a bankruptcy depending on how much equity you have. Other factors are your marital status and even your age. You will want to contact a lawyer for advice. Contact us and we’ll help if you are in the Greater Los Angeles / SoCal area).

Homestead and Exemptions

California has pretty generous laws about what they allow you to keep in a bankruptcy. These allowances are called exemptions. (Here’s a handy list of California bankruptcy exemptions). One of these relates to the house you own. This is called the Homestead Exemption and can allow you to save your home without being forced to sell it to pay creditors and debts.

More about foreclosure

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