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FAQs about Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy information is crucial for those who feel that their debt is overwhelming them. For those considering personal bankruptcy, you're going to need complete and helpful bankruptcy information.

Below are some FAQs for bankruptcy. However, before you get there, you'll want to review the "Should I File Bankruptcy" page, that addresses some of the guilt or other issues you'll be dealing with in this struggle.

Q - Will I be able to re-establish credit after I file bankruptcy?
A - Yes, to the surprise of many. You'll find that the credit card applications start arriving within 6 months. BE CAREFUL and only take on what you can afford. You will have a fresh start with your debt. Don't blow it, because you cannot file BK again for another 6 years.

Q - That reminds me - I've filed bankrutpcy before. Can I file again?
A - Yes, it just depends when. Chapter 7 bankruptcy requires you wait 8 years between filings. There are fewer restrictions on Chapter 13 bankruptcy .

Q - How do I stop my creditors from harassing me at work or calling me at home?
A - The moment you file bankruptcy, all attempts to collect on debts must stop.

Q - What if I'm about to have my car repossessed, or my house foreclosed and taken back by the bank? In fact, I'm being sued by some law firm by my creditor. How do I stop all of this?
A - Once you file your bankruptcy papers, it all stops. Don't waste time. Contact a bankruptcy attorney who is also a Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyer right now.

Q - How much is pi?
A - 3.1415

Q - Will I have to give back my computer and stereo?
A - Probably not. A good bankruptcy lawyer can help you with California's bankruptcy exemptions.



Read our Should I File bankruptcy page, or contact us now.


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