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When you contact us using this Quick Contact Form, a Bankruptcy Lawyer will either email you or telephone you in the next 24 hours.

If you're in the Southern California area, the bankruptcy attorney will ask you some preliminary questions to try to understand your situation briefly. Armed with that information, the next step is to arrange a consultation.

Where - The Consultation Location

Where will this consultation occur? The Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorneys have an office in northern Los Angeles County. As an option, we will come to you (for a fee). This can either be your home, or at a place that serves a cup of coffee nearby. The key thing is that we want to make this as convenient for you as possible.

When - The Hours We Do It

What Hours Do You Work? The Bankruptcy Lawyers will cheerfully meet with you when you have time. If you're working, we'll try to accommodate your busy schedule , even on the weekends. Of course, normal office hours are also an option. If you'd like to get this accomplished during your lunch break, maybe we can arrange a 20-minute phone call, and then an attorney can go over the information for a 5 minutes after.

How soon

When Should this Happen? Delay can be very costly. You probably will want to contact us to make an appointment as soon as possible, just in case. You've waited long enough - waiting longer could cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Do it now!

Documents - Stuff We Need

What Do I Bring?

Bring us your bills! Also, it's helpful to see your recent paystubs, and it will be instructive if you bring a copy of your Social Security Card for verification purposes. Also, a list of your creditors, including addresses, account numbers, and dollar amounts owed. Ever figured out what you spend money on each month (gas, car insurance, food, etc)? That list is really useful. Finally, it would be helpful if you have a copy of your last two years' tax returns. And, if you like, $40 for an optional credit report to help find all your creditors in Money Order, Cash or Cashier's Check (silly, but we don't take personal checks or, um, credit cards).. If you want to hire us, we'll start working for you right away when you have the first payment of your payment plan. We'll even apply your $40 consultation fee to the legal retainer when you hire us.

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