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These articles are intended to help guide you to manage your money. Attorney Antico, the same helpful bankruptcy attorney who put this website together wrote them for your benefit.

2006-06  Myths about the New Bankruptcy Laws
                 Bankruptcy Reform caused more misunderstandings than before

2006-05  Paying Back Your Debts on Your Own Schedule
                 When the minimum payments they want isn't enough to go around

2006-04  Saving your Home From Foreclosure
                 All you need is a little breathing room

2006-01  Is Bankruptcy Dead?
                 Can you still get a fresh start?

2005-08  Perfect Storm: The New Debtors' Prison
                  Alarming trends in credit card usage

2005-07  Ka-Ching to Bling Bling
                  Spending habits can hurt, even if you budget

2005-05  What's in your Budget?
                  So many people don't even know what it costs to live each month

2003-12  Pay Yourself First
                  Helpful tips for saving

2003-12: They're Garnishing my Wages!
                  A guide on how to respond when you find out you're being garnished

2003-11: Credit after Bankruptcy
                  Separating the myths from the realities of establishing post-bk credit



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